Jan 27, 2009

Music Video Production Set to Begin 1/28/2009

During lunch I was lamenting the fact that there weren't many comments on the blog post about how funny Laura and I are. Laura said she noticed my mom commented, but she got the impression that my mom wasn't convinced of our genius. She hypothesized that it is because my mom knew us growing up, and witnessed some times when we were younger when we failed to be funny, and that tainted my mom's view of our humor. I was appalled, not funny when we were younger??? Laura clearly had a short memory (yeah, I just ripped that off from Obama) for she had forgotten about the awesome song we made up. In fact, we'll show them all, lets run out to my recording studio (car) and record the track right now. I'll post it on the blog, and we will become famous. Laura balked, claiming that she was "embarrassed" and that it "might not be funny". I ignored her reservations of course, and suggested an even bolder idea, a music video! She was intrigued by the idea, but she wasn't sold. "Puppets," she said, that's the ticket, then we can be anonymous. I couldn't deny that this was a clever idea. What sort of puppets? I doubted we had the motivation to fashion intricate puppets. She said she'd heard tell of some great puppets made by gluing a piece of cardboard with a picture on it to a Popsicle stick. Eureka! How should they look? Oooh, said I, let's take pictures of ourselves to use. She loved the compromise, anonymous, but still of us. What synergy can do! We got down to business then. She said, "I'll look into the different types of Popsicle sticks available". And here's another prime example of synergy, I said, "types?" And she said, by god but you're right, I'll just buy unused Popsicle sticks. A look of cunning came across my face and I said, "They're all going to feel so stupid." And this is the story of how our humor has evolved since elementary school. Before we hadn't taken any business classes. We didn't know about brainstorming and synergy. We didn't have email accounts with which to email pictures for the Popsicle sticks. We hasn't a clue how to choreograph a music video. We weren't literate like we are now, make obvious by the previous sentence. Ah, my how we have grown. The tentative date for the release of our music video is just two weeks from tonight. Mark your calendars people. Mark your calendars.

UPDATE: Oops. 12/28 is when production starts. The release date is a week or two out. So sorry for the confusion.


  1. I await this video. Will there be read carpet and limos at the premiere. You and Laura do have a special sense of humor. I think most people have a friend that they act special with.

  2. I, too, await the video and invitation to the premier. Choose your popsicle sticks carefully. You never know when someone will look under your taped on photos and see the real...er, you...

  3. you two are hilarious... i'm betting you'll be able to quit your jobs and become professional video production people. (it's possible!)

  4. In our cyber-universe, just because there is no post does it mean it isn't funny?

  5. Tim, I'm not sure I like your tone when you say "special"... is that the same as "handicapped" or more like "the coolest ever"?

    Oh, never fear, the popsicle selection has been grueling, but we think we've finally found the right fit.

    Yeah, totally. We're gonna go pro.

    Hmm.. bloggy philosophy, very wise. :)

  6. I assumed Tim was being extremely diplomatic with his comment. But now I see, there could be some interpretation of that word "special"...
    If there is no post, it could be funny. Especially if one is "special." Some of us can laugh at anything or nothing, correct?

  7. hmm. Your mom has a good point.


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