The Fog

Isn't that the name of a horror movie? Where there is all of this pink fog and they all have to hide in the church because the fog kills people? Well, some fog just like that came for me at work today. Employees weren't allowed to go hide in churches though, not that I heard of anyway. I guess our lives just weren't important enough. Here is video in which if you pay very strict attention you can see the huge cloud of fog creeping closer and closer. I zoomed in partway through for dramatic effect, and there is a surprise ending too.

After I took the video I regretted not doing a sound track. I would have done Jaws music with screechy scary sounding music on the zoom in and then some jazzy effects thrown in on top of the screechy music for the surprise ending. Maybe you could just hum to yourself as you watch the video? I would have redone it and hummed along for you myself, but next time I looked out the window The Fog had already enveloped me!!!!

I escaped with my life this time, but consider this fair warning, The Fog could strike at any time.


  1. The fog bank kind of has a face profile at the moving end. OOO, scary! You do look terrified.

  2. yeah, i think i saw that flick. it was pretty scary. And it happened to you in real life! That really is a pretty unusual video..

  3. Haha! Tess, you're too much. Love the surprise ending!


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