I figure since in my last post I was a month late in observing the winter solstice, now would be a good time to post the pictures from the Christmas festivities with Tim's family. We forgot the camera, so Tim took some picture on his cell phone. I know it only takes about five minutes to dump pictures off of the phone, a mere couple of minutes longer than dumping them from the camera. But, somehow, it seems like the biggest hassle. Maybe it is because I have to walk all the way downstairs because his phone plug is downstairs. That is really all I can think of excuse-wise. Here the pictures are though, and you can expect to see super old pictures in my next few posts too, because that's how I roll. Some of these are from Tim's parents too. At first I got really excited, because I thought his cell phone camera was awesome, but it was a cruel lie, it is not.
Santa and Mrs. Claus were in attendance. This picture cracks me up because Peyton's head is randomly in the foreground, too cute:
Here is Carson with Santa:
Tim's parents got him a very small gift that he was very excited to open.
And for good reason!!!!
You can't read the writing here, but you'll have to take my word for it that it is a little white van that says Roadkill Removal. Tim's company name is Roadkill, Inc, and he indeed had a white van.


  1. I like the photo with the toddler's face in the foreground. He has such a cute expression.
    Funny gift for Tim.

  2. Wow they really went all out for the party by having Mr.&Mrs. Claus there! And I also love that first picture with the cute chubby baby face in the foreground...good thing you had the camera phone on hand to capture that one.


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