Actresses Selected for Video

The casting call for the music video went really well. We were able to find actresses to fill the two lead positions. We feel like they both have that special look we were seeking, and they aren't afraid to travel to the exotic places which will be featured in the music video. Finally, they can both dance extraordinary well. Here they are getting warmed up on set:

Next, we need to find the stunt doubles.


  1. They look cool, but I'm not seeing popsicle sticks. how are they going to have any backbone without the appropriate sticks?

  2. Oh, the popsicle sticks are there but they're covered up by the girl's clothing. If I recall correctly, there's one really scandalous outfit we used that allows you to catch a glimpse of popsicle stick during one of the later scenes. We may have decided against it though. The outfit was REAL slutty.

  3. If you think they're HOT now, just wait till you see their moves!

    That is very scandalous suggesting that we should be seeing the popsicle stick. They're there like Laura attests, but they're hidden by clothing because our actresses have morals.

    Yup, we decided against it. It was just too slutty like you say.


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