Jan 29, 2009

Actresses Selected for Video

The casting call for the music video went really well. We were able to find actresses to fill the two lead positions. We feel like they both have that special look we were seeking, and they aren't afraid to travel to the exotic places which will be featured in the music video. Finally, they can both dance extraordinary well. Here they are getting warmed up on set:

Next, we need to find the stunt doubles.

Jan 27, 2009

Music Video Production Set to Begin 1/28/2009

During lunch I was lamenting the fact that there weren't many comments on the blog post about how funny Laura and I are. Laura said she noticed my mom commented, but she got the impression that my mom wasn't convinced of our genius. She hypothesized that it is because my mom knew us growing up, and witnessed some times when we were younger when we failed to be funny, and that tainted my mom's view of our humor. I was appalled, not funny when we were younger??? Laura clearly had a short memory (yeah, I just ripped that off from Obama) for she had forgotten about the awesome song we made up. In fact, we'll show them all, lets run out to my recording studio (car) and record the track right now. I'll post it on the blog, and we will become famous. Laura balked, claiming that she was "embarrassed" and that it "might not be funny". I ignored her reservations of course, and suggested an even bolder idea, a music video! She was intrigued by the idea, but she wasn't sold. "Puppets," she said, that's the ticket, then we can be anonymous. I couldn't deny that this was a clever idea. What sort of puppets? I doubted we had the motivation to fashion intricate puppets. She said she'd heard tell of some great puppets made by gluing a piece of cardboard with a picture on it to a Popsicle stick. Eureka! How should they look? Oooh, said I, let's take pictures of ourselves to use. She loved the compromise, anonymous, but still of us. What synergy can do! We got down to business then. She said, "I'll look into the different types of Popsicle sticks available". And here's another prime example of synergy, I said, "types?" And she said, by god but you're right, I'll just buy unused Popsicle sticks. A look of cunning came across my face and I said, "They're all going to feel so stupid." And this is the story of how our humor has evolved since elementary school. Before we hadn't taken any business classes. We didn't know about brainstorming and synergy. We didn't have email accounts with which to email pictures for the Popsicle sticks. We hasn't a clue how to choreograph a music video. We weren't literate like we are now, make obvious by the previous sentence. Ah, my how we have grown. The tentative date for the release of our music video is just two weeks from tonight. Mark your calendars people. Mark your calendars.

UPDATE: Oops. 12/28 is when production starts. The release date is a week or two out. So sorry for the confusion.

Jan 26, 2009

Old School

Here are some pictures from a fall hike up Millcreek Canyon. We are throwing down some serious gang signs here. Well, I am anyway. Tim is doing something that seems pretty gangsta too, but I really couldn't say what. Come to think of it, I have no clue what the gang sign I'm flashing means either... anyone know? It isn't as cool as when I spell out blood with my fingers like Eric taught me way back in the day though no matter what it means, that's for sure.

I can't explain this picture, except to say that I look awesome in it and don't even get me started on how cool Tim looks.

Here is Tim with his sister Missy and her kids Gavin and Reagan. Look how much alike Tim and Missy look, he says when they were in Jr. High together people who had never met him would ask if he was Missy's brother. Sadie doesn't look like anyone, she just guards the house with her life and hopes that will be enough.

Here is Sadie last Christmas wearing Tim's hoodie. I just had to throw this in for no reason other than I'm a little too obsessed with how cute my dogs are.

Jan 25, 2009

Why Laura is Cool

I can't stop giggling about this email exchange my friend Laura and I had the other day. First, I better give you a couple of tidbits of information so you aren't lost. First of all, the reason I am spelling things like "wayl" when I mean well, is because we have come up with this super cool dialect where we try to sound as foolish as possible. I think it began as making fun of the Utah accent (you know, like saying layg instead of leg), but it seems to have taken on its own special life. I'm not sure why she wasn't participating, she must have been distracted by her hilarity. Second, at the place where we go to lunch a lot, which I now realize I have to blank out to protect the innocent, there is this girl who works as a hostess. She wears this skirt all the time that has a slit up the back and the slit stops just shy of her goods. I always enjoy watching her when she is leading men to their tables because they'll be stumbling along in a haze of testosterone while staring and they'll all turn their heads as they stare, as if they can see that extra inch by doing so. I can't blame them one bit, as I caught myself doing the same thing the first time I noticed. You would too, although I can't explain exactly why. Here is an illustration in case you can't picture it well enough. Looks like she forgot to put fake tanner on her legs. And she really went overboard with the collagen, huh? And no, she isn't blind in one eye, that my friends, is a wink:

Me: Haylow, I can go to lunch today or tomorrow. Possibly not fridee. How do you feel about that? I hope it doesn't upset you.

Her: Oh no...my heart. That IS upsetting that you might not be able to do lunch on Friday. But. I'm leaving work an hour early today so I could do lunch at like 12:15 if that would work.

Me: Wayl, that sounds wonderful. Should we do (restaurant with scantily clad hostess) this time?

Her: Sure. Although, it may have to be 12:20 that we meet then. Plus, I just spilled an entire pot of coffee all over myself and it looks like I have diarrhea splattered pants. I sure hope that one girl is wearing her skirt with the butt-length slit so as to distract people from my appearance and rather bold smell...

Me: Okalie dokalie, I'll meet ya in the lobby at 12:20. We could just camouflage you somehow so everyone will think it is something much less embarrassing. like.... for example... well. You know what I mean. I'm sure that if you asked her the girl might even do something extra scandalous to help you out.

Her: Hmm...so make it look like I had an actual accident in my pants? That's a pretty damned ballsy idea. It just might be crazy enough to work. We'll fool them all - even if that young lady doesn't show up.

Jan 24, 2009

The Fog

Isn't that the name of a horror movie? Where there is all of this pink fog and they all have to hide in the church because the fog kills people? Well, some fog just like that came for me at work today. Employees weren't allowed to go hide in churches though, not that I heard of anyway. I guess our lives just weren't important enough. Here is video in which if you pay very strict attention you can see the huge cloud of fog creeping closer and closer. I zoomed in partway through for dramatic effect, and there is a surprise ending too.


After I took the video I regretted not doing a sound track. I would have done Jaws music with screechy scary sounding music on the zoom in and then some jazzy effects thrown in on top of the screechy music for the surprise ending. Maybe you could just hum to yourself as you watch the video? I would have redone it and hummed along for you myself, but next time I looked out the window The Fog had already enveloped me!!!!

I escaped with my life this time, but consider this fair warning, The Fog could strike at any time.

Jan 23, 2009

Feeling proud of who I voted for

I'm a little late on this post, but then again, I just posted about Christmas, so I guess this is quite timely.

I watched the inaugural address last night, and I felt so fortunate to have this new president. The speech emphasized hope and integrity, two things we desperately need in a president now.

Some lines I particularly liked and want to remember:

"As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals." Perfectly worded. A concise reprimand and more importantly a promise not to manipulate people with fear tactics.

"Earlier generations understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint." In a sentence, the number one reason I voted for Obama.

"Your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy." Kinda the same as above, but I couldn't pick.

"On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics."

As well as the content, I loved his delivery. He is such a wonderful speaker, there was so much feeling in what he said and the delivery was flawless. I even teared up during the speech... although... technically that isn't saying much since I tear up at practically anything remotely moving. I rarely cry at anything that happens to me personally, in fact, I think the last time was about two years ago after Sadie was attacked by a Pit Bull and had run off in the direction of a busy road. I didn't know how badly she had been hurt and I was running through the streets seething with anger at the owners of the dog and trying to find her. But, things outside of myself, those I tear up over in the blink of an eye. I guess I'm off topic officially now, but the bottom line is that the speech moved me. I felt like I was part of something magnificent. Although, I agree with Eric that Obama should've said God bless the world at the end, or universe even better, but otherwise it was absolutely flawless.

Jan 22, 2009


I figure since in my last post I was a month late in observing the winter solstice, now would be a good time to post the pictures from the Christmas festivities with Tim's family. We forgot the camera, so Tim took some picture on his cell phone. I know it only takes about five minutes to dump pictures off of the phone, a mere couple of minutes longer than dumping them from the camera. But, somehow, it seems like the biggest hassle. Maybe it is because I have to walk all the way downstairs because his phone plug is downstairs. That is really all I can think of excuse-wise. Here the pictures are though, and you can expect to see super old pictures in my next few posts too, because that's how I roll. Some of these are from Tim's parents too. At first I got really excited, because I thought his cell phone camera was awesome, but it was a cruel lie, it is not.
Santa and Mrs. Claus were in attendance. This picture cracks me up because Peyton's head is randomly in the foreground, too cute:
Here is Carson with Santa:
Tim's parents got him a very small gift that he was very excited to open.
And for good reason!!!!
You can't read the writing here, but you'll have to take my word for it that it is a little white van that says Roadkill Removal. Tim's company name is Roadkill, Inc, and he indeed had a white van.

Jan 21, 2009

Winter Solstice Fail and Ember Mom Fail

I was gonna post about how excited I was that today was the winter solstice, when it came to my attention that it was actually a month ago. Which is pretty exciting because, woah, we are a whole month into days getting longer!!! And then also not exciting, because being a whole month off is sort of embarrassing. But, more exciting than not, since soon enough, I'll have to warn people again that Sadies in mirror are closer than they appear.

Also, even though Ember has been doing the annoying yowling throughout the night thing for years, it turns out there was a perfectly good reason it peaked recently. Now, keep in mind, he has a room with a litter box. There is also a doggie door which he is at full liberty to use, but I think he is scared of it because it clanks. But, in spite of those things, I am still a terrible Ember mom, because his kitty door was locked. I heard him pathetically scratching at his kitty door a couple of nights ago, and after investigating found it was in the locked position. It has been locked for a month now, ever since my parents' dog Daisy was in town and I didn't want Ember going out when she was out for fear of his being eaten like a tiny scrumptious snack. Anywho, as you may have guessed, the yowling has been taken down a notch since his door is unlocked now.

Jan 20, 2009

Village path

A whole shopping center including a huge Wal Mart and this village of townhomes got built near our house. The thing that is cool about the whole thing is that this path was built above it all. It only takes about five minutes to walk to the beginning of the path from my house. No one else seems to know about the path, or maybe they don't care, because I hardly ever see anyone on it. Which means I feel free to let the pups off their leashes. The path is only maybe a mile long each way, but including the walk from my house it is a pretty good place to take the dogs after work. The townhomes are painted in different colors so I always feel a little like I'm on the outskirts of whoville. Look at all of the gross smog over the city.

Jan 18, 2009

Saturday Sledding

Yesterday we went sledding up Neff's Canyon. Neff's is the best sledding place ever. It is steep enough to get going really fast on the way down, and you can hike up quite a ways, and have a nice long ride down instead of boring style sledding where you just walk up the same hill over and over again. Here is Tim on the walk up.

I got a little out of control in the following video. But, that was because it has been warm lately and it hasn't snowed much more and I underestimated how packed down and icy the trail was. I had a tough time digging my heels in enough, and during the video you can see it is a good thing the people heading up the trail moved out of the way, because I could not stop and nearly plowed into Tim because he slowed down there. You can also see where I almost ram Howard at full speed, and then a minute later where I almost careen off the edge of the trail. It was an action packed sled ride. I'm not sure how safe it is to film while you're sledding, but it was fun.


This is a longer video that Tim took, he was a lot better than me at filming while sledding. About halfway through you can see Howard tackle Sadie off to the right. And just ignore how foolish I look at the beginning, I didn't know he was filming yet.

After we got home we headed over to Fat's for some pool. The owner was having a huge gathering which was taking place right at the end of our pool table, so that put a bit of a damper on pool. It was still fun, but we kept having to ask people to move and having people run into our pool cues.
After we got home, I realized that the next play we had season tickets for had just happened that night. That was a bummer. I'm hoping we can reschedule.
Oh, and before sledding we had some delicious waffles I made. I was proud of how perfect they turned out.

Jan 14, 2009

Crazy Cat Conundrum

At 3 AM this morning as my retarded cat Ember yowled at the top of his lungs until Sadie finally chased him down the hall I found myself wondering, how much longer can I handle this nightly occurrence? And I mean retarded literally, I'm not just being callous and using it to mean lame. Ember has somehow sustained severe brain damage. I really don't know what went wrong, I just know that he often forgets where his food is, and forgets where his kitty door is and can't figure out how to get back inside. I've had Ember since he was a kitten, for about 11 years now. He was always a good kitty up until I got too many pets for him to handle. I kept thinking he would adjust to two dogs and another cat, but instead his mind apparently cracked. It is pretty sad, because he never bites or scratches and he loves to come sit in my lap when he is in the mood. His only downside is the almost nightly 3 AM yowling. I think there is a chance that if he was owned by someone with no other pets he might regain his sanity and knock off the yowling. But, who wants a senile balding 11 year old cat with yowling issues? Quite a pickle. I guess I'll just wait it out and see if I crack too.

P.S. By the way, would you care to adopt an adorable sweet cat?

Jan 10, 2009

Because I'm Lazy This is the Final Product

I started this drawing over a year ago. I started it in colored pencil, and got the characters done, but then I was way too lazy to actually color in the background with colored pencil. For my birthday I got a digital tablet, and so I scanned in my drawing and finished most of it using the tablet in photoshop. I've been meaning to finish the details. Fixing the woman's face for example, since it is all skewed and funny looking. But, after months have passed I've realized I'm just not motivated enough. I've got a couple of other ideas for things I'd like to draw instead of slogging my way through the boring details of this one. So, I thought I'd go ahead and post 'er up here.

Jan 9, 2009

Woah, this might be cool...

I read today how I can post a little reactions section in each post where readers can take a mini survey and inform me anonymously of whether the post is BLANK. I get to choose the choices. So, I picked a few that I think should pretty much cover most of my posts. I don't see anywhere here anything about them, so I'm just hoping they're gonna magically appear when I post this blog. If not, I think I may be screwed because my blog template might be too fancy and my knowledge might not be fancy enough to make it work. Dun Dunnnn Dunnnn......

Jan 7, 2009

Off Duty Hippie Santa Thinks He's Really Cool - And He's 100% Correct

On my way to work this morning I had the good fortune of being right behind this dude.

I'm a little depressed that the picture turned out blurry, but it says "I'd rather be cummin than strokin". I also wish I would have had the foresight to include the mud flaps with skulls on them. At least you can see the flames on the rear window. I knew that strokers are some kind of pipe dudes like to put on their trucks possibly to achieve a really high level of noise (I'm going with my gut on this one), but I'd never heard of cummins. I gave Tim a call and he was able to fill me in on the important detail that Strokers and Cummins are pretty much the same but the former is for Fords and the Latter is for Dodges. I craftily pulled up next to the dude and imagine my surprise when I saw that he was not a skinny white trash looking guy. My first thought was hippie santa on the off season, meaning, he looked pretty rad. Allow me to share with you a quick sketch I drew of him:

Now, I may have taken a few liberties, and maybe I didn't see him that well in the first place, but this is pretty much exactly what he looked like despite those insignificant details.

P.S. Don't trust my gut when it comes to vehicles, as it turns out that strokers are actually to make your vehicle faster, not louder... although, perhaps faster might make it louder, so actually, nevermind, my gut rules.

Jan 5, 2009

Weekend in Frozeevelt (Updated)

I forgot to put this picture of Tim in, he was really showing off his stuff, so I have to add it now so as not to deprive his large male stripper following of his glory.

And then this picture, where Tim is rather inappropriately revealing himself. And might Tim remind you all, that this is in zero degree weather, so in regular temperatures you can only imagine...

Tim and I went to Roosevelt over the weekend to my parent's house to get in a little more visiting with Eric before he left town. I got this picture from the back porch and I didn't change the colors or anything. My parents see the most amazing sunsets there. We had fun playing 9 letter scrabble, my idea, 9 letters for 2009 I said. Although really I'm just lazy and find it to be a lot of work to make words with 7 letters sometimes. Especially when the players make short words and there isn't anywhere left to build. 9 letter scrabble was actually pretty fun. Next, I want to try 9 letter creative scrabble, where it has to be a real word, but you can get creative on the spelling. Like unkle, or doggz for example. So far no one will play it with me, but it is only a matter of time. I told Tim to pose like my mom is really pissed and is hitting him over the head with a bottle of rum, like redrum style. Obviously neither of them got the memo that redrum happens under the most dire of circumstances.

We played pictionary too, which was a lot easier than any of us remembered, not that it wasn't fun. We ate lots of fudge and yummy buttery powdered sugar cookies that my mom makes. We tried to watch a movie, but my parents' dvd player wouldn't work. They said they haven't used it since last Christmas, which is pretty cool. Tim gave it CPR...

but he couldn't revive it.

We were able to watch the movie using a laptop though, so it was all good.

We got in a walk, although it was quite chilly and windy so the walk didn't last too long. Our destination was the "Sticky up" aka a big pole. Pretty awesome destination, right??

Eric was bold enough to try sticking his tongue to it, and I had to give it a whirl too.

Afterward it was pointed out to me that the top of the pole was white from bird poop, and my helpful family was kind enough to show me the faint lines of white poop that had dribbled all down the pole. Fortunately, I had wiped it off first. That counts as sanitary I think if you wipe it off first. I guess if I quit blogging anytime soon you'll know I caught some weird bird poop disease. I thought Salt Lake was cold, but after being in Roosevelt Eric noted that Salt Lake felt downright balmy, and I have to agree, hence the name of this blog.

Jan 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

I'm a get 'er done type of a person usually. Even obsessive at times. I hate to wait if I have something on my mind, which is good as far as getting chores done, but not so great as far as having anything to put on my resolutions list. Normally if there is anything I can think of to improve on I try to do it then. There are a lot of things about this past year that I'd just like to happen again this year. Like spending as much of the summer as I can hiking or just being outdoors. Improving my running times more. Trying not to watch too much TV. Reading a lot of good books, including more classics. Keeping up the good work liking each other wise with Tim. Loving the puppies. Doing a few drawings. Doing even more long walks with Laura and our puppies when it is warm enough. Keeping in touch with the family.
I hope you had a fun New Year's Eve and you're enjoying a relaxing day today!
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