Dec 28, 2009

Three Weeks Post Partum

Huh. Well, it seems the weight is not magically melting off. Which leads me to the following video.


I started working out again on my elliptical a few days ago. It can be tricky finding a time to work out between feedings when Zoey is napping and not fussy. I realized strapping her in the baby bjorn and wearing her during my work out is the way to go. Just today I found that if I position her right she has a little window to look out of. She really seems to like this for the amount of time that she can manage to stay awake. However, the baby bjorn ultimately relaxes her so much that she can't help but take a nice nap.

It seems I have nearly 15 pounds to lose. In a way its kind of exciting because I've never had to work at losing weight before but I've always felt that I could if I needed to, and now I have a point to prove to myself. I can't wait for weather warm enough that I can take jogs and walks with Zoey in the stroller. I also plan to get a lot of use out of the baby bjorn hiking this summer. Last summer I got kinda short changed on my hiking season because during pregnancy I got a side pain that lasted the whole second half of the pregnancy. This summer I'm going to take full advantage of having a capable body again, yay!

Dec 23, 2009

Two Weeks Post Partum

My stomach is making some progress getting smaller. It seems I may still have abdominal muscles. Although I can't feel them yet when I flex. I'm just assuming since something is tightening things back up a little. I'm going to look really foolish making an assumption like that if it turns out not to be true. It's going to be so embarrassing.

Dec 21, 2009

My lil Zoey is two weeks old

These two weeks have really flown by. Not that I have anything to compare to, but it seems like Zoey is a really easy baby. I'm having a much easier time than I thought I would. Most people say having a newborn=sleep deprivation, and I'm not very good with sleep deprivation. That's not how it's been with Zoey at all. Now, it does sometimes take me nearly 12 hours to get my 8 hours of sleep, but I do get it. If I feed her right before I go to sleep I can usually do just two feedings during the time I'm sleeping. It takes around an hour to feed her, change her, and get her back to sleep. Sometimes it takes longer if she doesn't want to go back to sleep. But, just within the last few days its starting to seem like she is getting on a schedule. She has been a lot easier to get back to sleep. It helps that I've learned a few tricks. For example, change her before feeding her. That one helps a lot. Changing her wakes her right up. Also, after she quits eating, I swaddle her and then see if she wants some more of the good stuff before she falls asleep. She always does. And then she'll often drift off while eating. These tricks have really helped. Soon she should be old enough and have enough weight on her that I can try dropping one of her night time feedings. I have to wake her up to eat almost every time anyway, so I think she would be fine with eating less often at night. However, I've been told I shouldn't let her go more than 4 hrs yet from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. I'm really not sure when that rule ends... this is something I need to look up. My mom says by the time my brothers and I were a month old we slept 8 hrs at night. That sounds preeetty awesome.

I feel lucky about it a lack of baby blues. It seems like baby blues might largely be because of severe sleep deprivation, so perhaps my lack of sleep deprivation is why I haven't had them. Sometimes it is hard when Zoey gets really fussy and cries for long periods of time after being fed and changed. From the times she has done that I have seen a glimpse of how these baby blues come about. It sucks to not be able to figure out what your baby wants and have to just listen to her scream.

Tim is such a good daddy. He is always willing to help with diapers or with getting Zoey back to sleep if I'm getting stressed out. He has this adorable voice that he uses with her that really seems to work to calm her down. It's hilarious and so sweet. He loves to hold her and play with her when she is awake. I love watching him be a dad.

He's even teaching her to play the guitar already. She doesn't seem too interested yet...

Being a new parent is a little overwhelming in ways. All of the responsibility lies on Tim and I to make sure this little girl gets everything she needs to be happy and successful in life. It's impossible not to be intimidated by that, even though I know all we can do is our best.

I still spend a lot of time staring at her. She's just so sweet and beautiful. I know there's a chance I could be biased. But I figure it's not likely. I've never gotten all that into holding newborns before, they all just seem kind of the same. But with Zoey it's totally different. I see so much expression and personality in her already. It's been the most amazing two weeks of my life.

Dec 20, 2009

You'll be shocked to hear that Mastitis is not a picnic

Thursday I had the heat cranked up to 72 and I was wearing a jacket and a vest around the house wondering why in the world it was still so chilly. Friday in the wee morning hours I woke up drenched in sweat and thought that was pretty strange. I had a thermometer laying next to my bed since I'd been obsessively taking Zoey's temperature to make sure she wasn't sick and I popped it in just out of curiosity. I had around 100 degrees of fever. I took some Tylenol and by the time I got up for the day, or would have anyway, my temperature was up to 101.5. I figured I must have the flu and took some more Tylenol. By Friday around 4 my temperature was 103 and I was absolutely freezing even with two huge blankets on snuggling with Tim. I called my dad, since he's a doctor. He said the flu, which I thought I had up until that point, should have responded to the Tylenol and I needed to go to the ER and get checked for various postpartum infections. I was pretty worried at that point because when my temperature went up 3 degrees after Tylenol I was really wondering exactly when my brain was going to start frying from fever. My parents decided to make the 2.5 hr drive over because they were worried too. We didn't want to take Zoey to the ER so we called Tim's parents who live about 45 minutes away to see if they could come watch her. Fortunately, they happened to be in the area and were able to make it to our house in about 10 minutes, before we were even ready to go.

The waiting room wasn't that crowded and I got seen within a couple of hours, which in my experience isn't all that bad of a wait for an ER. My resting pulse was up to 127 so they hooked me up to an IV and pumped some fluids into me. When I changed into the hospital gown I noticed a big red area on one of my boobs that I hadn't noticed at home. They were going to have to catheterize me, which I was terrified of. But, the doctor came in and when I showed him the red area he was like, "Wow! There we go. You don't need any more testing. This is pretty much as obvious as Mastitis gets." I was so relieved I wouldn't have to be catheterized. I really have a phobia of that, and now I can go a little longer without having to experience it. They pumped some antibiotics into my IV and I made it home in enough time that we didn't have to resort to formula for Zoey. My temperature had already dropped to 99.5 by then and it was almost totally gone by Saturday. I've still got to finish up my course of antibiotics and then cross my fingers that I don't get Mastitis repeatedly. The good thing about it is that I can kiss Zoey all I want and not have to worry about getting her sick. Mmmmwwwwaaahhhh!

Big thank yous to all parents for being there to help us out during this exciting Friday night!

Dec 14, 2009

One Week Post Partum

Eeek! Turns out I don't fit into any of my pre pregnancy pants. I'm feeling plenty good enough to hop back on the elliptical, but I've been told I'm supposed to wait a few weeks for that. I seriously doubt I'll be able to hold out that long. I do think with all of the breast feeding, carrying Zoey around, and forgetting to eat, the weight loss shouldn't be too tough. I'm gonna keep taking weekly pictures so I can see some evidence that something is happening.

Remember when I was all excited my boobs grew when I was pregnant? Well, now it isn't as exciting. They're too big now. They make me really think anyone who gets a boob job is insane. Immobile boobs just aren't practical. They're supposed to squish, its so much more comfortable.

It's awesome how good I feel to be as much lighter as I am already. Getting huge was a gradual thing, so even though I knew I was uncomfortable I adjusted slowly. Getting small (er) was immediate, so I've been able to really feel how huge the difference is. My back pain is totally gone, side pain close to gone, and it is heaven to be rid of those darn T-Rex arms. I can go for so much longer without having to pee. I can sleep for much longer stretches of time, even with frequent baby feedings. It feels so good!!

Dec 12, 2009

A Natural Birth Story

This is kind of graphic so if you're not excited to read about birth canals and placentas you may want to do the old skiparoo over the birth posts.

I woke up at 7:00 AM December 6th to a gush in my underpants. I thought I better investigate. During the 10 steps to the bathroom the gush continued and when I sat down on the toilet I announced to Tim that I was not peeing just to clear up any confusion because it sounded just like I was. Equipped with a large pad I waited for some contractions. Nothing. We took the dogs for a walk and I started getting what I called some mild discomfort every 5-10 minutes. We finished packing our stuff and headed out to the hospital at around 10. I'd imagined laboring at home for a lot longer before going to the hospital, but I knew that after the water breaking you're on a 24 hour time limit because the baby is vulnerable to infection with no barrier. I really wanted to avoid pitocin, but if I ended up not going into labor on my own and was forced to use it, I wanted time to start off slowly. Apparently a lot of women pee their pants and think their water broke so I knew they wouldn't believe me. Even though my bladder would never in a million years hold that much fluid. Once the nurse checked to see how dilated I was and the fluid gushed all over the place she believed me. I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced at that first check at 11:00. I was having contractions but they were inconsistent and still only mildly uncomfortable.

Tim and I started walking around the hospital and I found that the contractions came a lot more frequently and were stronger when I was walking. Every time I stopped walking, they would slow way down. At 2:00 I got checked again and was dilated to a 5. This was enough progress that it looked like I wasn't going to need pitocin. I was so relieved. Still the contractions didn't come as often if I wasn't walking, so we kept at it. About 4:00 we went down to get Tim and my parents some food at the Subway in the hospital and while my mom was standing in line I decided that I was actually feeling a little more than mild discomfort and wanted to go back to the room. After that I switched positions pretty often, trying to find one that didn't hurt as much. My parents were massaging my back and I was leaning on Tim during the contractions. The breaks inbetween the contractions were bliss. Around 8 I was checked again and had dilated to an 8. I was in a lot of pain by then so when my midwife checked me she had my parents and Tim's parents head to the waiting room. I had started to have back pain during the last half of each contraction which possibly hurt worse than the regular contractions. I was really writhing around because it felt better to be in one position during the first part of the contraction and then another position for the back pain.

I think I said, "I don't know" more than I ever have in my life that night. Every time my midwife asked if I wanted to get into a different position I didn't know. Did I want my back massaged, I didn't know. Was I feeling ready to push, I of course didn't know. I never really felt an overwhelming urge to push like a lot of women do, but around 9 I started pushing because my midwife said I was fully dilated and ready to go. I had started out adamantly against giving birth on my back, but when it came down to finding a position that was the one that hurt the least. The bed was tilted up so at least I wasn't flat on my back. Pushing was better than the couple of hours leading up to it because at least I knew this was finally happening, I wasn't going to be in pain forever and I felt like I had this thing in the bag. Before I started pushing I was in so much pain without an end in sight and I was really wondering if I was going to be able to get through it.

After I started pushing I pretty much just followed orders. My midwife was really good at telling me how to push, directing me, and encouraging me. I couldn't imagine successfully having a natural birth with a doctor and having to go through most of the pushing with a nurse only. My midwife was so awesome, I feel like I owe having the birth I wanted to her. Tim was a huge help too. He was the perfect husband the whole time. He just knows me so well he was able to read my mind and know what I wanted without me having to talk during the contractions. It was really an amazing experience as far as our relationship goes, going through labor and birth together is quite the bonding experience.

Pushing was hard work. I was exhausted between contractions and after pushing with each contraction I would wonder how I was gonna muster up the energy to get through the next push. But, each time a contraction started and it was time to push again I felt motivated. I was really giving it my all and I was surprised that time actually went by fairly quickly. There was a big mirror on the ceiling above me so I could see when the head started to show itself. It was so frustrating when after each push it would go back up a little bit. I was feeling a little like it might never actually make its way out, but my midwife assured me that I was making good progress. She also assured me that my ending up with a vagass, a great fear of mine, was not going to happen. Finally Zoey's head was almost all the way out. I had no idea how long it was going to take to actually finish pushing her out so I was surprised when her head finally made its exit. After her head was out she was on my chest within seconds. The pain was immediately back to a manageable level, it was like the greatest high imaginable to not hurt anymore and Zoey was so perfect right after birth. She was pink right away and after a short little cry she was her happy self and she was holding onto my finger. Tim and I were both blown away by her instantly. I didn't know what to expect because I've heard a lot of women don't feel bonded right off the bat, but I was totally in love with her from the first second I met her.

I ended up pushing at the same time as the woman in the room next to me, and man was she loud. My mom and Tim's mom sneaked down the hall at that point and they thought it was me screaming at the top of my lungs at first. I was proud to know that when they actually reached my door and put their sneaky little ears up to it to hear what was going on they had no idea I was even pushing because they couldn't hear me. I thought I was making a lot of noise, but I've been told by all in the room (only my midwife, nurse, and Tim) that I wasn't. They didn't know she had been born until my midwife opened the door and they both fell into the room. I was shocked and so excited to find out that I barely tore at all. My only tear was up a bit into my, uh... birth canal. It needed 2 stitches. My midwife asked if I wanted some local anesthetic and at first I said hell yes, but she convinced me to try one stitch without to see how it felt. I couldn't feel it at all. I guess in comparison to birth the tissues were just like, "What? You think I can even feel this? Riiiight." I can't even feel where the stitches and the tear are. Actually, my butt hurts more than anything. It feels kind of like my tailbone is bruised, and probably it is.

While I was absorbed in Zoey I had to get rid of the placenta still. That thing was huge. Tim, Mr. gets squeamish over blood, was surprisingly into checking out the placenta. It was pretty hilarious. Our midwife showed him the various components and he was really interested. Then they had to do the pushing on my stomach thing to make sure I wasn't going to start hemorrhaging all over the place. That was pretty uncomfortable but it didn't last too long.

Overall, the experience was perfect. From my water breaking to birth was about 15 hours, but I was hardly in pain at all up until the last 6 hours. Then instantly after birth the pain was down to just a mild discomfort. I was starving and scarfed down a big sandwich within an hour of birth. I really felt great. Knowing that birth after the first birth usually goes a lot more quickly and easily I know already that I will want to go natural again. I really feel lucky for how it all worked out.

Dec 10, 2009

Zoey has arrived!

Zoey was born on the 6th. She weighed in at 6 pounds 3 ounces and is a healthy sweet little girl. I did follow through with my plan to have a natural birth and it was everything I hoped it would be. I'm going to write up a separate blog about the birth itself. I haven't even been sleep deprived except for the first couple of nights, but that was the hospital's fault not Zoey's. I'm crossing my fingers that she remains as easy of a baby as she has been so far. I'll have to write more later, she is easy but she's keeping me busy. =)

Dec 2, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Even though I'm not religious I still like to get into the Christmas spirit. I like having traditions, and I'm excited to make more of them as our family grows. This year we changed the tradition a little, and got an artificial tree. Normally we go to my parents house the day after Thanksgiving and we go together to cut down a tree for each family. I'm a little sad to give up that tradition, but Tim really wanted to quit cutting down innocent little trees just to throw them away a month later. He really is a softie. Just the other day he refused to allow me to let Sadie eat up a spider she had her eye on. Anyway, we scored a tree off of KSL for a pretty good price and I'm happy with it. It's got lights permanently wrapped around it already so it's kinda nice not to have to do that part of decorating. It's got pine cones too, which I think are cute. We listened to Christmas music last night and decorated the tree, now it looks perty. We did have a small debate over whether the silvery transparent ribbon looks like the tree was toilet papered or weather it looks pretty. No consensus has been reached. And I hung stockings, three of them this year.

I have to include this gem. I thought I was posing for a picture. I can't stop laughing at this video because I look so awkward. It's great.


Nov 30, 2009

Pregnancy Progression

I don't know what the deal is with this picture, but when I try to enlarge it it looks all pixalated so you'll have to click on it if you want a bigger version. I missed a few weeks here and there but overall I did a pretty good job of taking pictures weekly. I'm still going to add another couple of weeks (40 and 41 if I make it that long) and also I want to add some postpartum pics to see how the shrinking comes along the first month or so.

The sciatica is feeling better. Not gone totally, but not nearly as bad. I've been having a lot more braxton hicks contractions. Last night I was having them every 5-10 minutes for hours. They were around a minute long each time too, so I'm thinking something promising is going on even though they tapered off by morning. On the non promising end of things, my stomach doesn't look lower to me anymore. It's very strange, can a baby un-drop?

Nov 29, 2009


We normally spend Thanksgiving with Tim's family here in SLC and then head over to my parents for the weekend and a slightly late Thanksgiving there. This year we skipped the trip to visit my parents since I'm getting so close to the due date I figured being a few hours from our hospital of choice wouldn't be a great idea. My parents did happen to be in town the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and it was nice to spend some time hanging out with them here even though my pre-Thanksgiving meal of grilled cheese and very burned tomato soup was sorta lacking.

I made pecan pies and a few other easier pies for Tim's family's Thanksgiving. I'd never made pecan pie but my mom's is delicious and she gave me the recipe which turned out to be really easy to make. All who tried it were very impressed. Tim's family provided a huge meal of ham, turkey, and all of the side dishes you could want.

I drilled Tim's sisters about their labors and all of the sisters were agreeing that one sister's 11 hour labor was soooo long. 11 hours total. From first contraction to birth. Uhhh... yeah, I will sign up for that right NOW. I'm so jealous of their talent at birthing children. I sure hope I find out I'm talented that way too. I'm a little scared because on my dad's side of the family the children had enormous heads and needed to be born by c-section. Then on my mom's side the babies weren't positioned right, we were transverse, and had to be born via c-section. Now lets add in the frightening manner in which my skin is displaying it's total inability to stretch at all and thus is shredding apart around my stomach. That sure doesn't bode well for my nether regions ability to stretch. I keep imagining ending up with a vagass. I'd say that's definitely my number one fear of birth. Ooohhh... I'm shuddering in horror right now. Lets change the subject. Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. Why am I talking about a vagass instead of Thanksgiving? Terrible decision. I apologize. New paragraph needed.

Ahhh. Much better. After eating we played games and had a lot of fun doing that. One game was really hilarious and had us all laughing most of the time. Next we played Rummycube, which Tim and I had to play again the next day and probably will play again today because we're hooked.

Nov 28, 2009

Week 39 - Progress?

Monday night I started having some menstrual type cramps that went on for about 7 hours. When that was happening Zoey got more active than she has ever been. I was joking around that she was in her aerobics class. She was moving so much that Tim the calm one of the two of us got worried something was going wrong in there and busted out the stethoscope to make sure her heart rate sounded normal, which it did. I was feeling confident that I was either in very early labor or about to experience explosive diarrhea. When the cramping and the aerobics class finally wound down I got some sleep and woke up the next day with a belly that appeared noticeably lower than the previous day. At my appointment a couple of days later my stomach measured lower and the midwife checked me out and said that Zoey is at a lower station than before (a -1 for the record), just meaning that her head dropped some into my pelvis. An average I've heard a lot is that with a first time pregnancy labor often happens about two weeks after the baby drops, which would put me a little under a week overdue. That also fits pretty well with the average first time pregnancy lasting about a week longer than 40 weeks. We're predicting she will arrive December 8th or 9th, I had to write it down here so we can get psychic credit if she does arrive one of those days. Tim's wager is on the 8th, mine on the 9th. Anyway, I'm happy that something different has happened, it makes me feel more confident that the proper things are going on and that I won't have to worry about weather to induce or not if she is going on two weeks late.

The only different thing going on other than the dropping is that yesterday I started getting what I assume is sciatic pain on one side, which would be consistent with the baby dropping. It was so bad that I had to hobble around leaning back really far if I wanted to avoid very sharp pain shooting down my butt. It isn't a very productive way to walk around if you're wondering. Today it feels a little bit better so maybe I just slept weird the night before or pulled something.

I've got lots of newborn onesies now thanks to Monica and Sammy! Thanks so much to both of you!

Nov 19, 2009

37 Weeks

I think this must officially be what mountain mama refers to as the Shamu the Killer Whale stage of pregnancy. I'm not feeling any more uncomfortable now than when I wrote that whiny post a week or so ago, I'm hoping this means the discomfort has leveled out. I looked my pregnancy counter thing on this blog yesterday and saw that it said 17 days. 17 days seems so soon! Even though my money is on her being late. I'm thinking about a week late. Just late enough that I'll start panicking over whether or not to be induced, but then I think she will come before I have to be. Are you listening Zoey?

Nov 17, 2009

Baby room complete

No wall hangings or mural yet, but the things I really wanted done are. I even washed all of the baby blankets and clothes and put them away in the dresser. I found out that I only have 3 newborn onesies. For some reason I thought I had a whole lot. I do have a lot of 0-3 month old clothes, but it looks like I need to do a little shopping on the newborn clothes front. Hopefully I can find someone selling used stuff that looks brand new like I did with the other clothes I bought. That was awesome.
Here is Tim working away on the dresser. Let me just say he didn't label the bin over his head. I just needed to clear the air there. The dresser started out white with dark green drawers, not my ideal color combo, but then again it did cost only $25.
Here it is after he finished. It kind of looks black here, but it is the same color as the crib, a dark brown.

Here's a very professional video so you can see a better perspective. It was hard to get much in the pictures at the same time because the room is so small.

This room is normally kept closed so I don't have to vaccuum dog hair and now that it's open Howard is so curious. He keeps cautiously sniffing things and then leaping out of the danger zone if I move something. He is way too curious to stay away even though his better judgement is screaming that he needs to. Howard has really been extra cute lately in general. I always hear how dogs sense something is different when you're pregnant and never noticed any changes in my dogs, but Howard has been awfully clingy lately. If there isn't enough space for him on my side of the couch when Tim and I are watching TV he will stand next to me pathetically eyeing me until I give him room to come up. Even if there is only one foot of space available he will go for it, wedging himself in, so relieved that he has made it up. He does always love to be next to me on the couch, but not usually to the point where he will spend more than a minute or two asking to come up. Now he gets OCD about it and acts like he just cannot possibly lay on the floor instead like he normally would.

Nov 16, 2009

Maternity Leave

I'm on maternity leave now. I started it a little early because my back hates to sit for long periods of time. Plus the extra time to get everything ready and relax some is going to be really nice. I'm going to get in lots of reading while I can.

Friday my department got me a cake and the VP announced that they had to throw me this little get together "even though you're coming back, RIIIIIGGGHHHHTTT?" Apparently he suspects that I will not be. I haven't decided for sure, but I do think odds are I won't. I don't want to close the door just yet though, I plan to just see how it's going when my 12 weeks are up. Construction isn't exactly booming and it would be nice to be able to be on a group health insurance plan through my work. It was really sweet that they got me a cake though and I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Tim is almost done refinishing a cheapo dresser/changing table we scored for $25 off of KSL. He's doing a great job and I think it's going to look perfect. Then I can wash all of the cute 'lil teeny tiny baby clothes and get them all put away. After that the nursery is basically ready to go. We haven't painted the mural I planned yet, but if that slips through the cracks I won't mind, at least everything functional that I can think of is ready.

I'll post my 37 week picture soon. The last couple of weeks my weight gain seems to have leveled off, which is nice because I'm just 4 pounds shy of a 30 pound gain and that's more than I thought I would gain. That doesn't mean my tummy isn't still growing though, just that apparently a big baby decreases the appetite. From what I've read, Zoey is probably gaining around half a pound every week this month.

Nov 10, 2009

I'm almost back to the car!

I'm really excited to meet Zoey and get going on being a mom, but it seems kind of abstract right now. I can't begin to actually picture it. The fact that I've never been around any babies much probably has something to do with it. But, I'll tell you what I can imagine and find myself craving lately, having mobility back and not feeling physically like a very elderly lady. I daydream about this summer when Zoey ought to be starting to sleep regularly and I can go running in the mornings and hiking on the weekends again without side pain, and with the effect of getting smaller instead of larger. The day when my stomach doesn't constantly feel like I just ate the biggest meal of my life and I might never digest it. I'm starting to get a few stretch marks on my stomach and the skin definitely feels like it looks, like it's splitting apart from the strain. Holding her on the outside is going to be so much more practical. Being able to sleep in different positions than just on my side makes the list of cravings for sure. And of course other stuff done in bed is rather limited position wise right now too so more position options there go on the list. Being able to reach the water handles or soap when I'm washing my hands at the kitchen sink, there's a good one. The counter is at mid tummy level, so I can't lean in very close, damn T rex arms strike again! Standing up from the couch or getting out of the car without noticeable effort, because my stomach hits my thighs before I can lean forward enough to get my center of gravity over my legs. Not having my back hurt when I sit at my desk at work and then hurt the whole night as a result. Fortunately this Friday is my last day at work and then my maternity leave starts. So I may get to knock this one off my list of cravings this Friday I hope. Basically it's just like being on the hike home after a long backpacking trip. You can't stop thinking about how good certain foods and a hot shower are going to be. The anticipation is overwhelming. You vow never to take that shower for granted again. I'm just getting so excited now that I'm getting close to the metaphorical car!! Most of this pregnancy I've felt really comfortable and also just really lucky and glad to be able to be pregnant at all, due to the year it took to get this way in the first place. So I feel a little guilty complaining at all. Overall I'm more comfortable than I thought I'd be in the 9th month. I am still working out on my elliptical almost every day without any problems and I'm really happy I've been able to do that. I can still shave my legs and tie my shoes too, woohoo! I'm uncomfortable in certain instances that are becoming more often, but there are lots of times when she gets the hiccups or starts dancing around that make it so worth it, and I haven't even met her yet.

Nov 6, 2009


Last night Tim noticed this sunset. Even though he was distracted and on the phone he thought to bring me over to the window to see it. He doesn't buy flowers or write poetry, but it's little things like this that make me feel warm and fuzzy. I had to take some pictures with the new camera, and they turned out a lot better than they would have on my old camera, which had a tough time with pictures in low light.

Nov 3, 2009

Halloween and a 35 week picture

I finally downloaded some pictures from Halloween at work. As you can see, I should have won the costume contest but some guy won for dressing up as Elvis and second place was a guy dressed as a nurse. Obviously these two fellows paid off the judges. At least I was able to spread joy at work and that's what matters.

We didn't get around to buying pumpkins until Halloween evening. We went to a pumpkin patch and when we walked in a guy had just selected two large pumpkins and was told how much they would cost. We picked out two pumpkins around the same size, and were told they would be two dollars cheaper than the last guy's. We were convinced that we were being favored for some reason. But when we got home and started carving it became apparent that Tim's pumpkin was rotten. Which should have been obvious I guess since its skin was all wrinkly. Tim liked the wrinkly skin, but he did have to pay a price for it smelling rotten pumpkin the whole time he was carving. At least he did use his rotosaw to carve the pumpkins so it was a pretty fast deal. It cracked me up that he used a power tool for the pumpkins, but it was nice to finish them up so fast.

We got such a late start that we didn't even get the pumpkins out on the porch until trick or treaters had been showing up for a good hour.

After the pumpkins were proudly displayed Tim hopped into his baby costume to hand out candy. The kids got a kick out of it and he got quite a few laughs.

After the trick or treaters tapered off we watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I always thought was just so so, but it's grown on me and lately I'm really into it.

Here is my week 35 picture. This is a big belly.

Oct 30, 2009

Falling Behind and 34 week Observations

It seems I'm falling behind on the blog. It would be cool if I had some reason for it like I've been creating some new invention that's gonna make me a billionaire. But, the truth is I've just been feeling lazy and haven't been doing much that makes for interesting blogging material.

I turned 28 and to celebrate I took the day off of work. Then Tim took me shopping to get a camcorder because we've been wanting one for when Zoey is born. We couldn't decide on one that day, but finally we ordered one online. It came today and I'm impressed. It's a Sanyo Xcacti. It is a regular camera and a camcorder in one because I only wanted to carry around one and not both. Also my regular camera isn't very impressive so I'm not too attached to it. Soon I'll download the pictures I've taken so far and post them here along with some video.

My belly has gotten pretty large, to the point where I'm fairly limited as to what I can do physically. I can still work out on my elliptical with no problems, but walking more than a mile is tricky because I've got this new stabbing pain that seems to be originating from the cervix area. Oops, is that too graphic? Oh, well. I'm sure it's because the baby has her head down now and that must be causing more pressure than before. Also new is not being able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time tops, between hip pain, shoulder pain, and having to pee. It's kind of a hassle, but because I fall back asleep right away, it hasn't affected me too much really. I do think its hilarious that my physical condition is so similar now to very very elderly person's. "Oooohhhh... my hip," I'll exclaim after laying on one side for two hours. Because I can't twist my torso very well with the big belly, and can't lean forward very far because my belly hits my thighs and stops me, it seems like my arms are not long enough lately. I like to call them my little T-rex arms. Poor things often struggle to reach what they want to.

In my last post I mentioned that I thought Zoey must sleep at night because I never get woken up by her moving. Turns out it's me who is a really good sleeper when she is moving. The other night I was asleep and my stomach was touching Tim's side. He was awake and said Zoey was at the disco, he could feel her really well making all kinds of huge movements and I just snoozed right through it.

Feeling her move almost all the time is one really cool thing about this stage of pregnancy. That and knowing that meeting her is actually going to happen soon makes the uncomfortable things not too bad. Really, I think I was expecting to be more uncomfortable than I am with the 9th month just about to begin.

Today I dressed up again as a cow for work and entered into the yearly costume contest. People seemed to enjoy the costume and running around work as a cow was fun. It was a little bit of a pain because my stomach sticks out far enough without the 4 inch cow nipples bumping into everything. I may have accidentally molested a few people with my nipples. I should really post some pictures right now, but who has the patience to plug in the camera?

Tomorrow Tim and I are going to carve pumpkins and hand out candy to trick or treaters. Tim just finished up a very important mission and is ready to go buy the pumpkins. I'll get motivated to download pictures after we finish with that and possibly post again before another two weeks go by.

Oct 14, 2009

Pregnancy Week 32

Time seems to be flying by now, with just under two months to go. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable due to size, but it isn't too bad yet. One of the most annoying things is when I'm laying down in bed and feel like I can't get enough oxygen. It's because my lungs are getting a little squished I assume, and though I know its common and pregnant women worldwide aren't suffocating in their sleep, it's still kinda freaky. That's only happened a few times though. Feeling her move is still just as awesome, it never gets old. They say babies are often in the same sleep/wake pattern by now that they will be in after they are born. If that's true I'm hoping I'm going to luck out with a baby who sleeps pretty well through the night, because she never wakes me up during the night. I'm a light sleeper so I'm pretty sure she must be sleeping while I'm sleeping or I think I'd get woken up.

I was planning to schedule November 13th as the first day of my leave. That's three weeks before my due date. I thought it would be nice to have a little time to prepare and relax since it could be awhile before I have much spare time on my hands. Ha!! Foolish me thinking I could divide my 12 weeks of unpaid job protected leave how I'd like before and after birth. What I need to do instead is work until the day before my due date. Unless I get a note from my midwife excusing me sooner. Which I sure hope is common, but I'll find out about that at my next appointment.

Speaking of my midwife, I had my first appointment with her since switching from my doctor. After the appointment I felt so relieved and glad that I switched. Phew!

Oct 12, 2009

Things that make me laugh

This video of Tim. He found that he could use his mouth to make an eyelid for a gummy eyeball and make it look around and blink. I can't tell if this is technically funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.


Doing sexy strip teases for Tim in my clearly not sexy state. I like to dramatically whirl my stomach around inbetween sensual gyrating. He laughs at me and thinks I'm funny, but it's hard to say whether he thinks it's amusing that I'm cracking myself up so hard, or weather the actual dancing itself is funny. I win either way.

The fact that Howard goes to bed before I do. He always disappears around 9 PM and can be found after that time on his futon totally crashed out. He can't be moved either, most dogs perk up when they hear a noise, but when Howard goes to bed he is in a deep sleep until morning. Being a guard dog is not his calling.

I'm still laughing when I remember this incident in the bedroom from last week. Okay, not that kind of incident. More like the kind where Tim was spooning me and breathing so loudly that I couldn't fall asleep, so I used a tactic I often employ and stuck an earplug in that ear. I was woken up who knows how much later by Tim sitting up suddenly and hissing as loudly as possible. After I recovered from my near heart attack I found out that Ember had been yowling at the top of his lungs for awhile. Tim thought we were both awake feeling annoyed and he was acting on my behalf as well by hissing in order to scare Ember off.

I've saved the best for last, this picture Tim had me take of him while we were doing my maternity photo shoot:

Oct 10, 2009

For sell

I was placing an ad on KSL and happened to notice this. I've selected the text in question for you. Now, I'm going to really embarrass myself here if this is somehow correct, and please don't hesitate to let me know if I'm way off. However, I feel fairly confident that this is simply a case of people write things as they say them, unaware of how a basic word is spelled. KSL is a Utah news source and news website. How could it be that someone who works for a news website has actually avoided reading enough that they think that you are going to "make a sell"? I always notice when someone says sell when they mean sale, and I used to assume they knew the word was spelled sale. The last year or two though, I've noticed "for sell" written on signs and now here on KSL. I wasn't old enough to notice this stuff when I lived in Texas, but I now wonder if people are writing things about "hell storms" or writing "what the hail??"

Oct 8, 2009

Happenings and I'm a Cow

Nothing particularly blog worthy has been going on lately, although I did finish up my Halloween costume and get a chance to wear it for the first time over the weekend. My costume turned out to be just as wonderful as I'd dreamed it would. I think I can safely use the pictures as my 31 week pregnancy shots.

This one is very artistic:

Our friend Alexis was having a baby shower that was also a Halloween party that we went in costume to. There was delicious food, cute decorating, and most importantly good company. It was fun and I wish I had taken more pictures. Ryan was in charge of the picture taking and maybe I'll post a couple of those when I see them because some were really hilarious. Lots of jokes in bad taste were made about my udder and nipples, and there was a lot of inappropriate touching of them. Tim went as a baby with a got milk bib because we had to whip up our costumes in about an hour due to poor planning. We saw this one at the store and figured with no time to spare, it at least kind of related to my costume, which also still needed to be made but I at least had the materials I needed. There were only size XL costumes available, which turned out to be a good thing because he couldn't even fit into the XL. The costume wasn't tall enough, which is strange because Tim isn't XL tall. It gave him a nearly constant wedgie. He had to walk around all hunched over in this special way to avoid having a constant wedgie, and it was hilarious so maybe it was a good thing his costume was too small comedy wise.

Other than that, the weekend was spent drooling over a house that we went and looked at Friday night. The house we live in now is fine and it wouldn't be a bad thing if we ended up staying in our house for a few more years, but we both really want to move into a better neighborhood while the market is down and we could afford it. This house was in a perfect neighborhood right next to the mountains and we fell in love. It was listed as a short sale, but we found out after we saw it that it is actually in foreclosure already. It is going to be auctioned off later this month. We are still a little hopeful and are going to try making an offer if it doesn't sell and gets relisted as a foreclosure.

The weekend before this one we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see all of the fall colors. They were out in full force and it was beautiful up there. It also happened to be Octoberfest, so we walked around through that and enjoyed ourselves.

Pretty soon I want to to a maternity photo shoot. I figure now is probably the best time, I'm big, but my belly button hasn't revolted yet and I'm not huge. I found lots of poses online to copy so I'm going to set up a very professional studio in my house and see if Tim can get some good shots.

Sep 25, 2009

Oh, the inconvenience of it all

At my last doctor's appointment I asked him if he allows delivery in different positions other than the standard on your back. He said that sometimes he will, but it is very inconvenient. Hmm... inconvenient. Clearly not inconvenient for me, since tears occur more often in that position than in almost any other position, since I'm not getting any help from gravity on my back, and since laying on my back is ill advised during pregnancy in general because a major blood vessel is compressed by the uterus. Clearly not inconvenient for my baby whose heart rate can drop due to the decreased blood flow. Obviously he feels that patients pay him thousands of dollars so that he can be the one convenienced. He went on to weakly site how much of a hassle it can be to hand the baby off to the mom if she is in any position other than her back. No mention of safety concerns or any other seemingly legit reasoning. Now, there are a lot of other things he has said that have bothered me in the past, but this took the cake. We promptly decided to revisit the idea of a midwife instead of a doctor. We'd interviewed one midwife before, but didn't feel like she was quite what we were looking for. We met with another this week, and both really liked her. I called and made the switch, and happily am now under the care of someone who I am paying thousands of dollars to make birth convenient for me (safety allowing of course).

Sep 20, 2009

Hypothetically Awesome News

Remember when I posted this? The hypothetical post about Bob, who had gotten me sick twice because of the way he did not contain his germs when sick? And how it was really gross? And how he actually hacked lougies in his cubicle? Well, have I got news for you! Bob has moved. I no longer share a cube wall with him. Of course, he did get me sick one more time before moving (I'm telling you, I have not been in possession of an immune system since I got pregnant. I hope it comes back. Immune system? Hello? Please come back...) But, small price to pay, because never again. Never ever ever will a person spew filth and germs into my personal space in that way on a routine basis. A bold statement perhaps, but really, never had I encountered someone this loud and well, spewing, before this in an office setting, and I really don't anticipate encountering someone like this again. The silence of the empty cube next to me is glorious. Oh, and I know who is moving next to me instead, and having sat next to this person before, I can safely say that I'm going to be living in a dream world from here on out. Let the dream begin!

Sep 17, 2009

Drunk with Power

You know when there are two lanes merging and everyone else is politely already all merged and then there is always that one bastard who thinks his time is worth more than yours who rushes up past everyone else in the lane about to merge and cuts everyone off? Well. I am making a difference in this world by thwarting them. I don't know why I never thought of it on my own, but I saw someone riding the center line way in advance of the merge to block these people off the other day and I've been doing it ever since. The power! Oh, the power! As I watch them in my rearview merging in where they're supposed to instead of cutting us all off I cackle loudly to myself, drunk with power and righteousness. That's right jerks. That's right. Lesson learned! Ahhhh... you should really try thwarting one of these people at your very next opportunity, it's fantastic. I just know I'm really putting them in their places. They're clearly changed men when I'm done with them. It is amazing.

Sep 13, 2009

The Baby's Room

Tim put a lot of work into making the baby's room beautiful. He decided to add wainscoting and also some cool trim above it. It started out with one blue wall... which I was never too fond of so this was a good excuse to spend the time to paint over it finally.

Shoot. Just realized I didn't rotate this picture. Why doesn't blogger let you rotate pictures once you add them to your post? Or maybe it does and I don't know how. Well, if you do know how please let me know! Anyway, here Tim is taking a break with his super fancy caulk gun.

And I'm not sure what he's doing here, but notice the crown molding he put in. I had no idea he was going to put so much effort into the room, but it does look very nice now.

The room is mostly done now. We still want to paint a mural on the wall, and we need to get a dresser, but other than those things I think it is done.

I sewed these curtains to match the bedding set. It took me almost a whole day. Who knew curtain sewing was so much work? Not as much work as wainscoting and crown molding, but still!

Before I found this glider we had purchased a used recliner. Once it was in the room it looked HUGE. It took up a fourth of the room and didn't really match anything anyway. Bad purchase.. at least the glider was cheap.

Sep 12, 2009

Hello Third Trimester and 28 Weeks

I've noticed a few new thing happening since week 25. During week 26 the baby got her first case of hiccups, well, the first case I noticed anyway. She has been getting them fairly often since, usually once or twice a day. She has been steadily moving more often and I can see the movements better when I look at my stomach. Tim and I started taking natural childbirth classes and during the class when I was supposed to be relaxing I felt her moving around and then Tim put his hand on my stomach because he could see her moving so well through my shirt. We're really liking the classes so far. St. Marks is the only hospital in the area I could find that offered natural childbirth classes, the other hospitals offered just general childbirth classes, so go St. Marks.

A couple of weeks ago I got some cramps for a few hours straight. They felt like that time of the month cramps but at their worst. I went in to my doctor's and by the time I got there they were totally gone. They tested a few things, but everything seemed to be fine and I haven't had any since. Hopefully I don't get any more of those until my due date is actually approaching, I was really worried. Seems like pregnancy is weird like that though, I still have sharp side pain when I do too much high impact activity too, so I guess mystery aches and pains are fairly normal, it's just a little stressful because most of them COULD be a big deal and you just never know.

My stomach is starting to feel like cramped quarters already. I can't believe she is still going to gain about 6 pounds in there! I was surprised when I read that most women gain around 15 pounds in the first two trimesters and only 10 in the third. I thought with the baby gaining so much weight in the third the total weight gain would be more, but now I think I understand. Your stomach is so squished there just isn't space in there for eating much at a time. I've noticed a definite decrease in appetite in the past few weeks. I'm still eating plenty, but the desire to have dinner and a dessert is a no go now. Probably a good thing. Except for those times when I have the second but not the first...

One really funny thing about this time in pregnancy is my inability to gauge my new size correctly. Several times now I've tried to slip through a space gracefully and gotten stopped abruptly by the new big tummy. I wonder if I'll adjust before the end of pregnancy or just keep running into things?

I saw an ad on KSL posted by a woman who has two girls both born in the fall selling lots of baby clothes. I was able to get onesies, sleepers, hats, pants and blankets all at less than a dollar per item. This was being really selective too and only choosing things that I thought were really adorable and looked brand new. Now I'm wondering if I should go back and get more, I only got up to 9 months, but she had clothes up to 3 years and as cheap and cute as those clothes are it might be worth a second trip. Used is definitely the way to go! Picking the clothes Tim kept getting sappy over the pants. For some reason the tiny little jeans got to him, it was cute and funny. I was the same way of course, those tiny little clothes just really make you realize how itty bitty and adorable your baby is going to be.

Overall this is a nice time in pregnancy. I'm a little more uncomfortable physically, but mentally it is great because I get almost constant reassurance that the baby is doing okay via hiccups and movements.

Sep 11, 2009

Howie Wuffs Her

Look at this bond they have already.

Sep 6, 2009


I have been reading up on birth in order to know all of my options ahead of time. I like plans. =) I know birth isn't something you can plan out exactly, but I want to go in with at least a little bit of a plan. I got several books from the library a few weeks ago*. Before reading them I was of the mindset that I wanted to give natural birth a whirl if I can handle the pain, but after reading them I much more motivated not to use any drugs if I am physically capable of avoiding them. I made myself a pros and cons list for an epidural and for the use of induction drugs (pitocin probably), and as you can see by how short the pros side of the list is for each, I'm currently feeling confident about natural birth being the right way to go for me. Although most of the risks I'm worried about haven't been conclusively proven there are at least a few that have. No telling how I'll feel about this plan once I actually go into labor, but at the moment I want a natural birth.



  • Reduced pain in the short run, assuming the epidural works correctly on both sides of the body, which sometimes it doesn't.

  • My blood pressure may drop, causing my baby a lack of oxygen which might mean the use of forceps or vacuum to get her out quickly, or a c section if those fail.
  • The above risk means that I will have no freedom to walk around and labor in the positions that feel natural to me and to take advantage of gravity because I will be strapped to monitors to keep close tabs on both me and my baby.
  • While the baby can be yanked outta there with forceps or a c section if her heart rate decreases due to lack of oxygen, I do wonder, how do you know how much of an impact the lack of oxygen has had? I don't believe that anyone can answer this question with certainly and that worries me. I'm sure the risk here has gotta be very small, because epidurals have been used for so long, but I'm convinced there is a tiny risk.
  • Increased risk of forceps or vacuum mean increased risk for severe tearing or an episiotomy. (Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!)
  • Need to be catheterized, and if that isn't enough, may get UTI due to this later.
  • May get back ache or headaches later, possibly long term.
  • The baby may have more trouble nursing after epidural, which means a longer hospital stay for her until that problem is resolved. And a short hospital stay is one of my hopes.
  • Can't control my pushing as well, and because the faster the baby comes out the more likely I tear, this is something I want to control if I can.


  • Speed things up

  • Again, strapped to monitors, so above epidural cons related to that apply.
  • Speed things up too much, to the point where contractions are unbearable and require epidural.
  • Speed things up to the point where the baby doesn't get enough oxygen, heart rate slows, and then see above rant related to this same problem with the epidural.
The more I read the more appealing home birth sounds. Statistically moms and babies do just as well with a home birth as a hospital birth. I'm really on the fence about this one and I need to hurry up and decide since I've only got three months to go until my due date. There sure are a lot of decisions and a lot of learning to do about birth!

*I liked The Bradley Method and Your Best Birth best so far.

Sep 2, 2009

San Diego Day Five - The Beach

We had one full beach day and we went to three beaches. Ocean Beach was our favorite, followed by Coronado Beach. Other than Fiesta Island, which has a dirty muddy looking shoreline, those were the only beaches I could find in the San Diego area that allowed dogs. They loved the beach, even through they were terrified of the waves at first. They would chase a receding wave, and then run away terrified when a new wave rolled it. Finally they decided to brave it, and discovered that the new wave would not kill them. Howard even got bold enough to swim out a little ways in some of the milder waves. Sadie never quite got there. We didn't have a toy to throw for Howard, but we found some sea weed to throw for him and he loved it. Here he is after getting super hyper from being in the water, joyfully flinging the sea weed about:

And running with a piece of something we couldn't identify. Some kind of sea plant that looks kind of like a heart with an attached aorta.

Tim playing with Howard.

Tim getting motivated and digging with the doggie bowl to make a top secret sculpture.

The finished product.

People seemed to find this amusing and we caught several people snapping pictures. Ok fine, it was just one woman. But I figure if we caught her, there must have been more people in awe of Tim's genius.
We spent some time relaxing in the tub. After awhile a guy approached us and said he saw all of the hard work that had gone into it, and did we want him to take some pictures of us in the tub. What a thoughtful guy. Notice puppies sticking close behind Tim.

Romantic beach picture.

And video of the beach and puppies running around. Howard prances past the camera several times proudly carrying his heart/aorta, and notice how he runs in terror from the wave near the end. This video was taken right after he was first introduced to the beach, so he was a little unsure of the waves' intentions.


Aug 31, 2009

San Diego Day Four - Sea World

We woke up feeling refreshed and upon opening our suitcases and being confronted with the smell of sewage that had somehow seeped into everything we owned during our two nights at the cabin we again were reassured that we had made the right decision to cut our losses and move to La Quinta. Also Tim hadn't felt the urge to sleep with a butcher knife tucked under the mattress like he had at the cabin, which further reassured us the choice was the right one. We dropped the dogs off at doggie daycare and headed out to Sea World.

Me and a whale... resemblance?

Tim and a whale. Less resemblance.

Dun dun... dun dun.... dun dun dun dun dun dun!!!

Shamu posing. The show was really cool, but it was even cooler after the show when we went to the Shamu viewing area and happened to arrive during a training session. We were able to watch all of the tricks from both the underwater viewing tank, and from above and close range.

The sea lion show was cute.

There was a dolphin show too.

This was when we were watching the sea lions in their habitat. There was a stand where people could buy small fish to feed the sea lions, and this guy had himself posed on a rock waiting for some fish.

At first I was impressed and thought he was pretty smart displaying himself like that. Then we heard a ruckus coming from the next habitat over, where we saw several more sea lions begging, but these were howling and screaming for food as well.

Then there was this guy, who brought begging to a whole new level. The picture gives a good view of how pathetic he was.

But the video is better:


These birds kept swooping in and grabbing the fish right out of people's hands.

Sea world was more relaxing than the zoo. The area to walk around was a lot smaller, and there weren't as many small displays of things I wasn't all that interested in seeing, like all of the birds all over the zoo.

We picked up the dogs and were able to make it to the beach before dark this time, but I'll put all of the beach pictures together in the next post.
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