We saw Bolt, which was great, the best kid's movie I've seen in awhile. And it's NOT just because the main character is a dog either! Also, it was in 3D!! Which was very exciting for me, because I've never seen a 3D movie. It was really cool. I kept marveling at how it was.. well.. 3D. As an added bonus, the glasses were super dorky.
We had some ice cream. When Tim was finishing up, he looked like this with chocolate all smudged around his mouth like a toddler. I got a good laugh out of it:
Tim made some tacos, he is a pro because he worked at Fiesta Ole when he was a teenager. He loves a chance to show off his burrito folding skills or taco making skills.
It snowed quite a bit Saturday. We loaded up the dogs and drove part way up Millcreek Canyon to go cross country skiing for the first time this season. Unfortunately, they hadn't gotten around to plowing very well yet, and it looked like the drive down would be pretty scary. We took the dogs to a golf course near our house instead. We tried to ski, but it was a failure because the wet snow got all stuck to the skiis and even on a big hill we couldn't get the skiis to slide one bit. We didn't get any pics either, I forgot the camera. Although, perhaps that is for the best because pics of a gold course may not have been incredibly exciting.
We watched To Kill a Mockingbird, because I'd just finished reading the book and thought it would be fun to see the movie. I thought the casting was great, just like I pictured the characters. Atticus, Scout's father, was especially perfect. There were a lot of long pauses in the movie though, and I have to admit it was slow moving. Still good, but, the book (as always) was sooooo much better.


  1. The golf course might be all right for skiing if the snow was cold enough.
    I liked To Kill a Mockingbird, the movie. Gregory Peck was great and the little girl was very believable, too. However, the book was better, I agree.

  2. Those tacos look very impressive indeed. Good job guys. And reading about how you watched To Kill a Mockingbird makes me want to see it again myself. I actually love that movie just as much as the book. I love Gregory Peck. Have you seen Roman Holiday with him and Audrey Hepburn? That's another great movie.

  3. I really need to get on the wagon and read that book. Also, I was looking forward to some sort of review on that Piazza play. I take it that it just wasn't that interesting?


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