Responsible Home Owner FAIL

Over the weekend we noticed that there was a strange burned smell in our house. After searching the house for the source and not finding one, we just figured it was a fluke. The smell seemed even stronger each day though. Finally, it dawned on me that perhaps we should check the furnace filter. Since we have never done that before. Even though we have had the furnace for almost two years. Tim pulled out the old filter and it did indeed look terrible. Buying the new filters we learned that it is recommended that you change your filter every two or three months. a few hours after the filter was changed, the heater ceased working at all. We became concerned that we had trashed the motor by not changing the filter. As it turned out though, the motor just needed to be shut off for long enough to totally cool off. Well, we hope, I may be speaking too soon though. I guess if it is still working fine tonight we'll know we did not ruin the heater. But, it seems like we are off the hook. I sure appreciate heat more now though, after not having it for just one evening. Mmmm... warm.


  1. Steve came home and checked out our heater manual to be sure we're following ALL the directions. So, guess your experience has made at least one homeowner obsessive...


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