The Haps

This blog title is in response to what you must be wondering, "What's the haps?" Lately, I think it is funny to say this to people. I think it should be used more frequently. I'd like to see every one of you find an excuse to say this to someone today, people like it, I swear.
I spoke too soon when I said that our furnace was gonna pull through our neglect. Turns out we need a new blower motor after all. This morning at 4 in the morning I woke up after dreaming about being cold and I was, big surprise, cold. We fiddled around with it for awhile before concluding that starting a fire was the best option. It didn't seem to really heat the house too much, but at least it kept it from getting any colder. Finally after piling on the blankets we got a little more sleep. This morning we called the place we got the furnace from, Thompson's Comfort Connection, and they had someone here within an hour. Seriously, they are awesome if you're looking for a place to buy a furnace/AC unit from.
Today we are supposed to drive up past Park City for a Christmas get together with Tim's family, but the weather reports a 100% chance of a snow storm and high wind too and Parley's Canyon is scary enough normally. We may end up skipping the event, which sucks because word on the street is that everyone else is gonna drive up and they think we're crazy wusses. Although, Tim is way more laid back than me about things like this, so if he is worried about it, I know for sure it must be risky.
I have the day off of work, since I thought I'd need some time to prepare for the xmas event. But, my parents are coming through town tonight and Eric will be here Monday, so it is nice to have some time to prepare. I really want to go cross country skiing if we can before the snow storm hits, but Tim is being super lame and claiming he has to "work". Seriously, what a sucker. And Millcreek tends to be pretty dead during the week and I'm not too excited about being abducted, so, big sigh, it may not happen.
The other day this dude from Comcast came to our door, and he was all, "Say, would you guys like internet that is twice as fast and about 500 more channels on your tv for 20 dollars per month less than you're paying now?" I know, you're thinking they're gonna up the price in like a month, and rip us off big time in what I like to call "Comcast Style". But, the price is renewable each year. Really though, the whole point of talking about this though, is that we watched this show called True Blood on HBO, and it rocks. It is kinda Twilight style, only like about 1000 times better, as it contains actual mystery and plot and believable attraction, plus the budget is clearly much higher than the budget for the movie was. I think I'm saying if you like vampire stuff, you'll like it I'll bet. I read it is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books, and I'm all over that having already requested them from the library.
Well, there you go, those are the haps!


  1. hey, hope u got your heater fixed! at least you have the pups to keep you warm. see you in a couple of days!

  2. Is "what's the haps" original, or do other people say it, too? I'll have to check out True Blood.


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