Christmas (Picture Overload)

We had Christmas with both sides of the family. Tim's family has a lot more kids, so it was fun to watch them all open their presents and run around playing with them. Tim's parents even knew someone who dresses up as Santa who came along with Mrs. Claus. The kids all enjoyed that. I would post pictures, but I forgot my camera, lame. I posted a blog about how we were probably gonna end up not attending Tim's family xmas cuz it was in Park City and it was going to be snowing. Turns out the other family members got a little concerned when it actually started snowing blizzard style. So, Christmas got rescheduled for the next day when the weather was a lot better. We were happy we didn't have to miss it and anger family members. We are lucky that Tim's family lives in town and we are almost always able to have xmas with them as well as spend time with my family when they're in town. It always seems to work out nicely.

My brother came into town from Seattle and was able to stay at our house for a week. My parents came over for most of the week too. It was pretty laid back since there weren't any kids, although there were three dogs. My parent's dog, Daisy, is quite a hunter and she catches rabbits routinely. I was worried about my cats, and as it turned out, she was extremely interested in the cats in a way that suggested she wanted to eat them. I predicted that Zeus, who instead of running like the dogs and Ember, sits defiantly like a God on the coffee table and glares at the vacuum as I vacuum under the coffee table, would not be afraid of Daisy. I predicted that Ember, who is in a perpetual state of confusion and fear, would be terrified of Daisy. I had it totally backwards. Zeus stayed downstairs the whole time Daisy was at my house, hardly daring to leave the pantry room, whipping his head around constantly with huge eyes when he dared emerge, even though he was a whole floor below where Daisy was confined. Ember though, is dumber than I had dreamed, and never managed to compute the fact that he was in danger. He kept ninjaing his way past Daisy within a few inches of her face. Fortunately, he was very quiet and she didn't wake up and eat him. I was nervous though, knowing he totally didn't understand that the big dog could eat him up.

We went cross country skiing up Millcreek twice which was great fun as always.

One attempt at a family picture. I don't remember what was so interesting, but it makes for a funny picture anyway, even Sadie is looking.

Another family picture attempt, pretty successful if you don't mind the dogs milling around in the way.

Check out how beautiful it is in background here.

The second time we went up there was some kind of emergency up the road a ways where we were skiing. There was a fire truck in the parking lot when we arrived and about 45 minutes after we started up some rescue dudes on snow mobiles zipped past. They zipped back down with a crazy lady riding on the back of one of them, but we never saw a victim, so it must have been a false alarm, unless the crazy lady was the victim. The crazy lady was really outraged that there were dogs on the off leash road. We think. She was screaming something angrily at the top of her lungs, but she had such a thick accent we couldn't tell what. After she passed my dad goes, "What'd that bitch say?" For some reason this was really funny. Other Millcreek excitement included two ski poles stuck in the ground at the side of the trail with a jacket draped over them. Puppies thought this was really exciting/terrifying. They barked and growled and Daisy even dared to venture within several feet of this creature to investigate. Howard wouldn't go within 20 feet. See for yourselves.

Sadie rolling in the snow and burying her face in it, Howard doesn't really get it, but he is always nearby trying to be involved:

During a conversation in the living room Tim looked down to see this right under his feet:

On the way home from skiing Sadie was hogging the truck floor, and Howard got stuck sitting on top of the seat compartment underneath the seat which was folded up. He couldn't figure out how to get comfortable and looked like he was being punished the whole way home.

Puppies got toy filled doggie stockings for Christmas, and they were very excited about it.
Tim got tickets to see a couple of Jazz games. We all sang Christmas carols as is the tradition in my family. We weren't at my parents' house, so my mom couldn't play the piano as usual. We found a Christmas Karaoke website and sang the carols using that. My dad fell asleep during the carols.
We opened stockings my mom prepared:
We had lots of time for long conversations and debates. My mom and I went shopping to see if there were any great after Christmas deals, we were both too cheap to buy much. Tim insisted that my family watch A Christmas Story, because none of us had seen it. Everyone ended up liking it, including my dad, and it is pretty much impossible to get him hooked on a movie. We watched Tropic Thunder too, which was pretty dumb, but funny. We played several games of scrabble, which Eric dominated. We played Chess. We took the puppies to the field by my house after dark and let them run around after the laser pointer. Daisy didn't get what the big whoop was all about, and just ended up chasing Sadie and Howard, who will run after the laser until they drop.

Eric and my parents have taken off to my parents' house. Tim and I will see them again this weekend before Eric has to head out of town. Overall, this was another great Christmas. =)


  1. Sadie and Howard look like mirror images as they lay on the floor.
    We had a lot of fun skiing and visiting. Look forward to seeing you and Tim again soon.

  2. I'm glad you had such a great Christmas! And I'm still laughing over your Dad's comment/question about the crazy lady on the snowmobile! Oh man, that's hilarious.


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