Christmas Bling

We got all of our Christmas bling out and arranged over the weekend. The pictures kept turning out blurry... but you get the idea. Yeah, those are pumpkins under the tree if you were wondering. We didn't carve two of them, so they're still in good shape. I couldn't bring myself to throw out two perfectly good pumpkins. I think they look quite festive. And don't neglect to notice the tiny village we've got set up on the mantle, complete with tiny Christmas carolers and horse drawn sleighs. I found the Santa hats that I made the dogs and Tim and I wear for our Christmas photo last year and I decided to put them to use again this year.
The picture of the whole family didn't turn out so well, because we wisely decided to take it in front of a super bright background and we didn't realize until later that on top of that the flash was suppressed. But, don't worry, I whooped a filter on 'er. Actually, it looks just terrible. But, it is all I have. Just pretend you can tell the two faces under the lower two Santa hats are Sadie and Howard. Tim says this is pathetic and we need to do a new one. I give it a 50% chance that we'll remember.
Here is a bonus picture of Howard to make up for the crappy family picture.
Oh, man, I can't stop, here is yet another picture of Howard. He is just so dopey and cute all the time, I can't help myself. Oops. I didn't rotate it.... or DID I? You don't know, we could've arranged our furniture so that the back of the couch is laying on the floor and the lamp is glued to the wall. And Howard could be laying on his back and also defying physics to not topple over.


  1. Your tree looks very pretty. I'm jealous because I don't have a tree yet.
    Yep, you should do that family pic over.
    Howard looks cute, though.

  2. Howard looks just amazing in that second-to-last picture. I guess it turns out that he's extremely photogenic. You must be so proud. :) Sadie is of course even more beautiful than he is...but her beauty is sometimes too elusive for film.


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