Dec 31, 2008

2008 - A Stupendous Year

Thought I'd recap some things I remember about the year. Nothing really big happened, so I'm not sure I can technically call it stupendous... but I have quite enjoyed the year.

This year I read some classics I've always meant to read. Got a royal flush in poker.

Was huge with a "missing cat" stuck in my butt crack for Halloween. Tim was a hottie spartan.

Got lots of hiking done including Gobbler's Knob, Mt. Aire, Grandeur Peak, Little Si, Silver Lake, Dog Lake (lots of times).

Spent hours and hours sitting in my back yard reading during the summer (sooo jealous of my past self right now). Mastered a few crock pot recipes that fool people into thinking I can cook. Celebrated 5 years of being together with my huny, two married.

Saw April get married and enjoyed a trip to Seattle at the same time.

Ruined the kitchen floor with Tim. Got into the habit of working out before work, something I've never done regularly before, always previously opting to wait until after work. Had lunch with Laura almost every week, quite fun. Got season tickets to the pioneer theater which has awesome. Played pool at fats several times, gotta go more next year, always a good time.

Went to the rodeo.

Stopped drinking coffee regularly (except for a few sips of Tim's before I leave for work and a cup on weekend days... ) Started this blog in May and have managed to keep it up fairly regularly. Stood next to Mark Eaton and looked a whole lot shorter than usual.

Made the news with H Dogg.

Found a gopher in my basement.

Tim discovered that Zeus is a skunk. Actually, I confess I don't know what is happening here.

And imagine if I weren't too lazy to look back at the pics before May when I started actually organizing my pictures in such a way that they could be found.

Farewell 2008! I'll miss you!

Dec 29, 2008

Christmas (Picture Overload)

We had Christmas with both sides of the family. Tim's family has a lot more kids, so it was fun to watch them all open their presents and run around playing with them. Tim's parents even knew someone who dresses up as Santa who came along with Mrs. Claus. The kids all enjoyed that. I would post pictures, but I forgot my camera, lame. I posted a blog about how we were probably gonna end up not attending Tim's family xmas cuz it was in Park City and it was going to be snowing. Turns out the other family members got a little concerned when it actually started snowing blizzard style. So, Christmas got rescheduled for the next day when the weather was a lot better. We were happy we didn't have to miss it and anger family members. We are lucky that Tim's family lives in town and we are almost always able to have xmas with them as well as spend time with my family when they're in town. It always seems to work out nicely.

My brother came into town from Seattle and was able to stay at our house for a week. My parents came over for most of the week too. It was pretty laid back since there weren't any kids, although there were three dogs. My parent's dog, Daisy, is quite a hunter and she catches rabbits routinely. I was worried about my cats, and as it turned out, she was extremely interested in the cats in a way that suggested she wanted to eat them. I predicted that Zeus, who instead of running like the dogs and Ember, sits defiantly like a God on the coffee table and glares at the vacuum as I vacuum under the coffee table, would not be afraid of Daisy. I predicted that Ember, who is in a perpetual state of confusion and fear, would be terrified of Daisy. I had it totally backwards. Zeus stayed downstairs the whole time Daisy was at my house, hardly daring to leave the pantry room, whipping his head around constantly with huge eyes when he dared emerge, even though he was a whole floor below where Daisy was confined. Ember though, is dumber than I had dreamed, and never managed to compute the fact that he was in danger. He kept ninjaing his way past Daisy within a few inches of her face. Fortunately, he was very quiet and she didn't wake up and eat him. I was nervous though, knowing he totally didn't understand that the big dog could eat him up.

We went cross country skiing up Millcreek twice which was great fun as always.

One attempt at a family picture. I don't remember what was so interesting, but it makes for a funny picture anyway, even Sadie is looking.

Another family picture attempt, pretty successful if you don't mind the dogs milling around in the way.

Check out how beautiful it is in background here.

The second time we went up there was some kind of emergency up the road a ways where we were skiing. There was a fire truck in the parking lot when we arrived and about 45 minutes after we started up some rescue dudes on snow mobiles zipped past. They zipped back down with a crazy lady riding on the back of one of them, but we never saw a victim, so it must have been a false alarm, unless the crazy lady was the victim. The crazy lady was really outraged that there were dogs on the off leash road. We think. She was screaming something angrily at the top of her lungs, but she had such a thick accent we couldn't tell what. After she passed my dad goes, "What'd that bitch say?" For some reason this was really funny. Other Millcreek excitement included two ski poles stuck in the ground at the side of the trail with a jacket draped over them. Puppies thought this was really exciting/terrifying. They barked and growled and Daisy even dared to venture within several feet of this creature to investigate. Howard wouldn't go within 20 feet. See for yourselves.
Sadie rolling in the snow and burying her face in it, Howard doesn't really get it, but he is always nearby trying to be involved:

During a conversation in the living room Tim looked down to see this right under his feet:

On the way home from skiing Sadie was hogging the truck floor, and Howard got stuck sitting on top of the seat compartment underneath the seat which was folded up. He couldn't figure out how to get comfortable and looked like he was being punished the whole way home.

Puppies got toy filled doggie stockings for Christmas, and they were very excited about it.
Tim got tickets to see a couple of Jazz games. We all sang Christmas carols as is the tradition in my family. We weren't at my parents' house, so my mom couldn't play the piano as usual. We found a Christmas Karaoke website and sang the carols using that. My dad fell asleep during the carols.
We opened stockings my mom prepared:
We had lots of time for long conversations and debates. My mom and I went shopping to see if there were any great after Christmas deals, we were both too cheap to buy much. Tim insisted that my family watch A Christmas Story, because none of us had seen it. Everyone ended up liking it, including my dad, and it is pretty much impossible to get him hooked on a movie. We watched Tropic Thunder too, which was pretty dumb, but funny. We played several games of scrabble, which Eric dominated. We played Chess. We took the puppies to the field by my house after dark and let them run around after the laser pointer. Daisy didn't get what the big whoop was all about, and just ended up chasing Sadie and Howard, who will run after the laser until they drop.

Eric and my parents have taken off to my parents' house. Tim and I will see them again this weekend before Eric has to head out of town. Overall, this was another great Christmas. =)

Dec 22, 2008


Oops. Looks like I wrote this 12/22 ago forgot to publish it. I guess even though it is actually 12/29 today I'll just go ahead and publish this with the original draft date. Better late than never they say. While I'm time traveling into the past, have a Merry Christmas!

We went cross country skiing up Millcreek Canyon for the first time this year. The snow was wonderful. The one bad thing was that the road we ski on was packed with more people and dogs that usual. The way up was really fun as usual, but on the way down there were a lot of people who didn't seem aware that other people were using the road too. There was the man swooshing back and forth across the entire road, effectively blocking anyone who wanted to pass forcing me to yell that I was there. There were the snowshoers, more than one group, who insisted in walking in groups of five or more side by side, leaving only a tiny window for me to squeeze through on my way down. These were the same people who refused to call their dogs out of the 12 inch gap they'd left for me to ski through. Granted, most of the dogs moved when I yelled at them to, but there was that very confused dog who was desperate for a game of chicken. He won. I opted to throw myself on the ground rather than hit him and possibly get bitten. His owners gawked at the scene, but did not apologize. There was the man who kept chanting to his huge dog, "Be nice.... beeee niiiicceeee......" in a fearful tone.

I'm looking forward to when the fever wears off and it is just us regulars again! I miss the considerate regulars!

Dec 19, 2008

The Haps

This blog title is in response to what you must be wondering, "What's the haps?" Lately, I think it is funny to say this to people. I think it should be used more frequently. I'd like to see every one of you find an excuse to say this to someone today, people like it, I swear.
I spoke too soon when I said that our furnace was gonna pull through our neglect. Turns out we need a new blower motor after all. This morning at 4 in the morning I woke up after dreaming about being cold and I was, big surprise, cold. We fiddled around with it for awhile before concluding that starting a fire was the best option. It didn't seem to really heat the house too much, but at least it kept it from getting any colder. Finally after piling on the blankets we got a little more sleep. This morning we called the place we got the furnace from, Thompson's Comfort Connection, and they had someone here within an hour. Seriously, they are awesome if you're looking for a place to buy a furnace/AC unit from.
Today we are supposed to drive up past Park City for a Christmas get together with Tim's family, but the weather reports a 100% chance of a snow storm and high wind too and Parley's Canyon is scary enough normally. We may end up skipping the event, which sucks because word on the street is that everyone else is gonna drive up and they think we're crazy wusses. Although, Tim is way more laid back than me about things like this, so if he is worried about it, I know for sure it must be risky.
I have the day off of work, since I thought I'd need some time to prepare for the xmas event. But, my parents are coming through town tonight and Eric will be here Monday, so it is nice to have some time to prepare. I really want to go cross country skiing if we can before the snow storm hits, but Tim is being super lame and claiming he has to "work". Seriously, what a sucker. And Millcreek tends to be pretty dead during the week and I'm not too excited about being abducted, so, big sigh, it may not happen.
The other day this dude from Comcast came to our door, and he was all, "Say, would you guys like internet that is twice as fast and about 500 more channels on your tv for 20 dollars per month less than you're paying now?" I know, you're thinking they're gonna up the price in like a month, and rip us off big time in what I like to call "Comcast Style". But, the price is renewable each year. Really though, the whole point of talking about this though, is that we watched this show called True Blood on HBO, and it rocks. It is kinda Twilight style, only like about 1000 times better, as it contains actual mystery and plot and believable attraction, plus the budget is clearly much higher than the budget for the movie was. I think I'm saying if you like vampire stuff, you'll like it I'll bet. I read it is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books, and I'm all over that having already requested them from the library.
Well, there you go, those are the haps!

Dec 16, 2008

Responsible Home Owner FAIL

Over the weekend we noticed that there was a strange burned smell in our house. After searching the house for the source and not finding one, we just figured it was a fluke. The smell seemed even stronger each day though. Finally, it dawned on me that perhaps we should check the furnace filter. Since we have never done that before. Even though we have had the furnace for almost two years. Tim pulled out the old filter and it did indeed look terrible. Buying the new filters we learned that it is recommended that you change your filter every two or three months. a few hours after the filter was changed, the heater ceased working at all. We became concerned that we had trashed the motor by not changing the filter. As it turned out though, the motor just needed to be shut off for long enough to totally cool off. Well, we hope, I may be speaking too soon though. I guess if it is still working fine tonight we'll know we did not ruin the heater. But, it seems like we are off the hook. I sure appreciate heat more now though, after not having it for just one evening. Mmmm... warm.

Dec 15, 2008

Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?

I caught Howard drinking in a very strange way. Then, I saw that his goal was to fish a stray piece of dog food out of the water bowl. After watching a minute, I realized I probably had plenty of time to get the camera, I could see this was going to take awhile. This video is actually the second one I took. Howard was really dedicated to his mission. I won't spoil the ending for you, so place your bets now, Howard or the piece of dog food.


Dec 14, 2008


We saw Bolt, which was great, the best kid's movie I've seen in awhile. And it's NOT just because the main character is a dog either! Also, it was in 3D!! Which was very exciting for me, because I've never seen a 3D movie. It was really cool. I kept marveling at how it was.. well.. 3D. As an added bonus, the glasses were super dorky.
We had some ice cream. When Tim was finishing up, he looked like this with chocolate all smudged around his mouth like a toddler. I got a good laugh out of it:
Tim made some tacos, he is a pro because he worked at Fiesta Ole when he was a teenager. He loves a chance to show off his burrito folding skills or taco making skills.
It snowed quite a bit Saturday. We loaded up the dogs and drove part way up Millcreek Canyon to go cross country skiing for the first time this season. Unfortunately, they hadn't gotten around to plowing very well yet, and it looked like the drive down would be pretty scary. We took the dogs to a golf course near our house instead. We tried to ski, but it was a failure because the wet snow got all stuck to the skiis and even on a big hill we couldn't get the skiis to slide one bit. We didn't get any pics either, I forgot the camera. Although, perhaps that is for the best because pics of a gold course may not have been incredibly exciting.
We watched To Kill a Mockingbird, because I'd just finished reading the book and thought it would be fun to see the movie. I thought the casting was great, just like I pictured the characters. Atticus, Scout's father, was especially perfect. There were a lot of long pauses in the movie though, and I have to admit it was slow moving. Still good, but, the book (as always) was sooooo much better.

Dec 11, 2008

Christmas Bling

We got all of our Christmas bling out and arranged over the weekend. The pictures kept turning out blurry... but you get the idea. Yeah, those are pumpkins under the tree if you were wondering. We didn't carve two of them, so they're still in good shape. I couldn't bring myself to throw out two perfectly good pumpkins. I think they look quite festive. And don't neglect to notice the tiny village we've got set up on the mantle, complete with tiny Christmas carolers and horse drawn sleighs. I found the Santa hats that I made the dogs and Tim and I wear for our Christmas photo last year and I decided to put them to use again this year.
The picture of the whole family didn't turn out so well, because we wisely decided to take it in front of a super bright background and we didn't realize until later that on top of that the flash was suppressed. But, don't worry, I whooped a filter on 'er. Actually, it looks just terrible. But, it is all I have. Just pretend you can tell the two faces under the lower two Santa hats are Sadie and Howard. Tim says this is pathetic and we need to do a new one. I give it a 50% chance that we'll remember.
Here is a bonus picture of Howard to make up for the crappy family picture.
Oh, man, I can't stop, here is yet another picture of Howard. He is just so dopey and cute all the time, I can't help myself. Oops. I didn't rotate it.... or DID I? You don't know, we could've arranged our furniture so that the back of the couch is laying on the floor and the lamp is glued to the wall. And Howard could be laying on his back and also defying physics to not topple over.

Dec 10, 2008

Mustang Resurrection Slow Going

Tim's beloved Mustang became very ill one fateful day several months ago when while driving she had some sort of terrible internal injury involving a spring and a cylandar. Poor Musty had to be towed over to the Ford dealership, where Tim discovered that they wanted roughly a billion dollars to fix her (big surprise). Now, she is resting in our garage (Gary, not Roger), slowly being nursed back to health. Tim had some help the other day from his friends Trae and Nick, and I was called out to the garage to see this pose.
Look at 'em, they're almost sexually positioned!! I figured if they went to the trouble to actually come get me to see the position I may as well post it on the internet for everyone to enjoy, even though I'm still not totally sold on its being hilarious...

Dec 8, 2008

Unconditional Love

Here I am lounging on the couch with a Zeus in my lap, a Howard snuggled up next to me, a Timmy on the other side, and a good book waiting to be read within reach. This is the life! Cleaning up tons of animal hair a couple times a week from all over the house? Worth it!
If you're still not convinced, I think you will be after you see me teaching Sadie how to dance. She really enjoyed learning.
Howard was looking very noble and handsome over the weekend, they sure grow up fast.

Dec 6, 2008

Book Review: The Book Thief

This book is narrated by Death, who catches a glimpse of a girl named Leisel whose character intrigues him. This book takes place during the third reich, and while it has a lot of sad moments, there are plenty of fun and touching moments to balance it out. The book accurately describes the strength of the third reich during that time, as well as the strength of a small percentage of people who acted out against the norm in the small ways they could despite the consequences discovery would bring. The relationships between the characters are really well developed and seem very real. The characters are also extremely well developed. This book really got me emotionally involved.

Dec 4, 2008

Pride Day at Work

My work had a pride day where employees were supposed to dress up to show company pride. There were a lot of people who printed out the company logo and taped it on themselves or wore the company colors for example. I thought I'd dress up as a gecko since there is one in the company logo. I slapped my costume together at the last minute using a stapler and tape. The gecko hands are plastic gloves with balled up paper towels taped on as fingers. I called myself ghetto gecko. I don't know why when I'm dressed up I always end up pulling this cringing face and hunchbacked posture. It made sense with my Halloween costume, but I've got to get out of the habit. A picture of me with a similar grimacing face is now going to be distributed to everyone at the company, I feel slightly embarrassed. Hopefully I've learned my lesson, but I doubt it.

Dec 3, 2008


I joined If anyone already is a member my name there is Bunnybodel. Anyone who isn't a member and reads, it is actually fun. You add the books you've read and you can either give them a quick rating by number of stars or you can write a review. You add friends and comment on each others reviews. You can add books to your to-read list that look good. You can organize your books on different "shelves" which I assume you name how you please, but I haven't tried that yet. I like it because I have a lot of authors whose books I have read all of, and I like to get the newest one as they come out, but sometimes I forget their names. Also, occasionally I go to the library and I'm at a loss as to what would be a good next book... I don't see that happening for awhile!

Dec 2, 2008

I'm Breaking Up With Coffee

I have a theory about coffee. I think that when you drink it every day your body gets dependent on it to wake up and so you feel more tired in the morning before you have it. If you don't drink coffee, your body figures out how to wake up on its own. I quit drinking coffee for awhile a year or so ago and noticed after I got used to not having it that it was easier to get out of bed. But, as always, coffee seduced me again little by little and before I knew it I was drinking it every day again. Recently, I've really had a hard time getting up and it is really cramping my style cuz I don't get up early enough anymore to work out in the morning so then I gotta do it when I get home from work. Well, no more!! Goodbye nemesis (aka coffee), as of today I'm done with you. We can still be friends, perhaps if you're lucky I'll drink you on Saturdays. But, I encourage you to date other people. I certainly will be.
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