Tim Regresses

Friday night we went up to Snowbird with some of Tim's friends. Tim makes fun of me when I'm talking to Laura and start to sound like an idiot as I regress back into Jr. High, but him and his friends may have even regressed back into elementary school Friday night. It was funny to watch them all turn into kids again. Here is Baker after we went out to eat.

He kept playing with his crab body parts as he was eating, and when we got into the elevator he whooped out this crab pincher, it was pretty hilarious that he kept it. The crab pincher was fully involved in all activities throughout the night. It even took a dip in the pool and hot tub with us. Then, the next day Tim opened the front door, and what should he find leaning there for us? The crab pincher. It now resides in our aquarium.
Here we all are getting ready to head down to the pool. Everyone was jealous of the bath robes that I brought for Tim and I. Notice how Tim's privacy is being violated in this picture.

The guys antics in the pool and hot tub were quite energetic. Everyone who was in the pool when we got in soon crammed into the hot tub. By the time we were ready to get out there were just two brave souls clinging to the opposite end of the pool as us, hanging on for dear life in the swirl of waves created by six grown men leaping into the pool and launching one another merrily through the air into the pool. I was mostly spared from the snowballs at least.

They cleared out the hot tub pretty quickly too. Here is one friend, who shall remain un-named just in case this individual should ever want to seek out a career in politics. He is executing a penguin slide into the hot tub, yet he is chattering like a dolphin. I call it the penphin slide. Maybe it should be spelled painphin, cuz I think he was complaining of his nipples having been sheared off when he got done. I guess he was ok though because he tried it several more times.


  1. Yes, elementary school is about right. I hope the brain damage isn't permanent. Seriously, Tim probably needed the break. Nothing like acting immature to relax a person...

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I love the hot tubs up at the Bird.

  3. ah the snowbird hot tub. so much fun. were you at the cliff lodge?

  4. Oh man, I miss those guys.

    And by the way, thank you for heading to my blog and voiving your opinions. I sometimes get tired of being the only one for gay rights.


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