Royal Flush and Turkey Day

We went to play Texas Hold 'Em last week and I had to take a picture to document my getting a royal flush. No one at the game had ever seen anyone get one before, and google says the odds are 1/649,739. Even cooler was the fact that I didn't even have to bet big and scare people off, because one guy went all in on the hand. I still didn't win the game, but it was fun.

For the first time I didn't see my family on Thanksgiving, since Seth and Darleen were having their 3rd baby and my parents went out to visit them and help with the other kids while Darleen bonds with the new little one. We almost didn't go to Tim's family gathering either, because the day before they called and reported that several people were sick. The sickest people didn't end up coming though, so we headed over there and spent a fun afternoon and evening eating, playing games, and talking. I get the day after Thanksgiving off of work, so Tim took it off too and we've been enjoying a long weekend.


  1. You look a bit diabolical, grinning over your winnings.
    Glad you had Thanksgiving with Tim's family after all.
    We take off from JFK at 9AM tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

  2. Wow, a royal flush! That's pretty cool. And Tess, your hair is lookin' super long these days! I don't remember it being half as long as it looks in that picture the last time I saw you. Good to hear that your Thanksgiving was fun!

  3. awesome. you should be buying lottery tickets with luck like that.

    sad that you weren't with us up in CT. i'm sure you'll survive emotionally :) sounds like you and tim had some fun. for me, it was nice to be with the fam for turkey day for a change.


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