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I was surprised and pleased to see that two counties in Utah actually voted Obama. Salt Lake County almost did too, it was 48.9% vs. 48.4%.

I don't want to be misconstrued as saying that I'm proud to be an American, because I think proud is the wrong word for something you were born into (lucky instead?), but I am proud of America today. I prefer to be unexclusively proud of things that people are or do intentionally, and not disdainful of them for things they did not choose. I am glad that today in the eyes of the rest of the world we have begun to redeem ourselves. I feel confident that Obama will unemotionally and carefully consider the options before making decisions, and I am excited to see how the future will unfold.

By the way, I'm really proud of Sadie and Howard for being American.


  1. I wonder what Duchesne and Uintah counties did. I tried to look it up on SL tribune site, but couldn't find it.
    What 2 counties went for Obama?
    I'm proud of America, too.
    And I'm proud of you!

  2. I looked on the New York Times site, here: http://elections.nytimes.com/2008/results/president/map.html
    It shows the whole US, you click on Utah to see the counties. Uintah and Duchesne were around 15%Obama. Grand county, right below Uintah was one of the ones that went for Obama, and Summit county too, which is the Park City area. That makes sense... not sure about grand county. Check out the voting shift feature too, it is cool to see the 2004 percentages vs. 2008.

  3. okay, I'll take a look. Grand county going for Obama does seem strange. Maybe it's Moab. A lot of Greenies there, I would think.

  4. I'm proud of Sadie and Howard for being American too. Damn proud.


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