Movie Review: Twilight

**If you haven't read the book, don't read this before you see the movie.**

Yeah, I'm a loser, I saw Twilight last night. I was feeling pretty pessimistic about the movie, because so much of what happens in the book is internal, and without it, I feared the cheesy dialogue would be ridiculous. It turns out, the dialogue was the least of the problems. Overall, I'd say I felt like the movie was average. Not a train wreck, but it didn't live up to its potential. For reasons that you'll soon discover in my review, it is my opinion that the movie makers originally wanted Bella and her dad to be zombies, to get a little more action in the movie. But, after they were done filming, they realized it didn't work, so they took out all of the flesh eating scenes, and this is what they were left with.

Before I saw the movie, I thought the guy who was cast as Edward was going to bother me, but I ended up liking him and thought he was a good actor. Of course, he and the other vampires were supposed to be beautiful, and I only found the bad guys to be attractive, but once I got past that I didn't mind Edward at all. The only problem I had with Edward, and with many of the vampires in the movie, was that they insisted on applying heavy lipstick on the men and they went overboard on the white make up. Interestingly though, they made the bad guys look hot. James didn't have excessive chalky white make up on, or too much lipstick. I was so confused as to why the bad vampires could look sexy, but the main characters had to look ridiculous, was the make up artist an internal saboteur? One other small problem I had involving Edward was how they had him flouncing around showing off how he could jump and tear out large tree roots. Somehow he looked a little silly doing those things... maybe the effects just weren't good enough?

I was surprised to find that the girl cast as Bella is the one I had a hard time with. Overall, she did a decent job. She does capture a few of Bella's querks pretty well. She is good at acting a little clumsy and at getting cute and overwraught when she thinks Edward might leave her. My main problem was her appearance and her tone of voice, and I don't think either of those were the actresses fault. She looked very haggard. Her face was thin, cheeks sunken, face chalky, hair too dark for her face in most scenes, and she appeared to have an eating disorder. I know she isn't supposed to be beautiful, but she isn't supposed to be on the verge of death either. I've seen other pictures of her where she looks beautiful and healthy, so this is definitely partly a problem with the hair and make up again. Also, the filter used on the camera to make everything look dreary made everyone look terrible. The same effect I see on myself when I'm under flourecent lights in a ghetto bathroom. Another reason she may not have looked youthful enough is because the actress is 28. And her acting didn't help liven the character up. There was no spark to Bella, no interest, it was like she was a zombie. See how here she looks half asleep? You're thinking, yeah, but that is just bedroom eyes, passion. NO. This is how she looks the whole time.
The only time I liked her voice was in the narrated parts, where she sounded more expressive. Which leads me to believe that perhaps the actress isn't the problem.

Bella's dad was a little too smooth. Bella's dad is supposed to a little dorky, awkward, and adorable. This dad didn't really act like he had a whole lot of feeling (a zombie, like Bella?). In the part where Bella leaves he barely puts up a fight, so as he is allowing her to walk out the door Bella throws a harsh comment at him "because it is the only way he will let her go". Being halfway out the door already, and not having much protest from dad, I found this to be very stupid. In the book of course, it is necessary, her dad is putting up a fight.

The main points of the plot I can't get picky about, because they follow the book closely. The buildup as to how badass James is and how they're only safe because there are 7 of them vs. James and Victoria, and then Edward being able to dispose of him on his own in the end all happens in the book, but it does look kind of silly on screen.

The scenery is gorgeous, and it was fun to look at. Although the whole movie was shot using some kind of dreary filter, which makes it a little less gorgeous.

Other than those things, I did like most of the movie. I liked that the book was followed closely and they didn't change much. I found the movie to be entertaining and I didn't get bored at all. Even Tim thought the movie was okay, and that must be a good thing considering he hasn't read the book and isn't a girl. I think if I was a teenage girl I would have loved it, and after all, that is the target audience.


  1. Interesting review. Since I'm a long way from a teenager, I think I won't rush out to the theatre. Maybe PPV, if I have a slow night...

  2. i don't understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward), his nose looks funny


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