An Amazing Wife

Since last Monday Tim has been working like crazy trying to stay ahead of schedule on a job he has. Before last night when finally he got 8 hours, he went about 60 hours with only a 4 hour nap in between. His guys were tired too, but getting more sleep than him. He brought them home with him for a late afternoon nap one day, since they live a lot further from the job than him, and when I got home from work they were all just about ready to get up. I thought I'd cook them a nice meal to get them through the next shift. I had to do it quickly since they needed to get going. Also, I suck at cooking and really don't know how. The two employees were too polite to laugh, but Tim and I were laughing periodically throughout the dinner, me to the point where I was crying, and I kept joking about what an AMAZING wife I am. I had to snap a few pictures of the feast. The sheer quantity of mac and cheese was Tim's fault. I was gonna make just three boxes and call it a meal, but Tim felt strongly that I needed to make as many boxes as would fit in the pot, so four it was. Except once the noodles were cooked there wasn't any space left for stirring, so I had to heap it all into a huge bowl. I should've thought to take pics when the bowl was full, but you can imagine.
Then, Tim felt like we needed to offer a balanced meal, and thus needed something to go with the mac and cheese. He thought baked beans were the way to go. I wasn't quite sure baked beans really went with mac and cheese, I mean, you have to serve them in two bowls per person if you want to eat them separately. Plus, they just seem kind of like a gross combo, but Tim and Trae started mixing them together and claimed it was delicious.
I must be wrong that they are strange together though, or perhaps it is just a coincidence, but I happened to see a woman in the break room at work preparing a meal of baked beans with mac and cheese today! The funniest though was when I got out this chicken I'd made a few nights before. It was good, but it was in a tupperware with butter and lemon juice. I don't have the skills to thicken that into an actual sauce. So I served what appeared to be chicken breasts in urine. Mmm. We ended up with way too much food. Half as much would've done the job.
You'd think with Tim working until after I've gone to bed that I would have plenty of time for blogging, wouldn't you? I realized I've really been slacking off though. Partly I blame Halloween. The logistics of creating a perfect huge butt with a crack and a cat wedged in there are trickier than I anticipated. I think I've finally got it nailed down though. I'm planning to post a little treat for you tomorrow, sort of a sneak preview.


  1. G'day Tim and Tess, it's your brother Mike from the other side of the universe, or Australia, close enough. How ya goin'? I finally got broadband so I guess that means i'm back to life. I love your blog page. This is the first I have seen of it but it looks great. I love that you still find time for your hikes and adventures. Suz and I still enjoy it as well it's just really hard to get out with a newborn. Now that Josie is one year old and almost walking, life can begin anew. The bit about the mac and cheese made me laugh. I miss the goofiness of the people I knew back home. Most people don't get me when i'm acting my goofy self but it doesnt stop me :) Looking like an idiot was always my specialty anyway LOL! Anyways, keep up the good work. I love seeing the photos of back home. I miss it so. I miss you very much and think about ya all the time.
    Take care you two. Keep in touch.
    talk to ya soon.
    much love

  2. I must say, mac and cheese and backed beans doesn't look that appetizing to me. But I'm sure the guys were happy to have something filling. Maybe next time, your world famous ground turkey spaghetti sauce?


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