Hiking Mt. Aire

Yesterday we hiked Mr. Aire, which is up Millcreek Canyon. The hike is only about 4 miles round trip and 2,000 feet elevation gain. It is prettier than I remembered, with a good amount of shade much of the way up. There is also a small stream along the trail for a while, which was popular with the dogs. This time of year was great for this hike, because there were lots of fall colors to be seen.
Can you find me and Sadie in this picture?

This picture cracks me up, Howard is such a goofball.
Here is Tim on the lam riding his trusty steed Howard "the Lightning Bolt". I hope the law doesn't catch them. Tim packed his large mirror for the trek, knowing that he might need to signal the other bandits in his crew. Also, because he is vain, and he needed to make sure he looked good in case there were some ladies on the trail.


  1. You got some beautiful photos on your hike!
    Mt. Aire is one of the nicest easy day hikes around.

  2. hey, nice pics of fall colors.
    massive mirror does pique one's curiosity except for those who know that tim simply can' live with the shame of a bad hair day.
    yes, i see u behind the tree.
    mt aire might have been the first hike we did in utah other than behind the house up mt oly

  3. tess, hey i see that comments don't need loging after all
    jo momma!!!
    i'll finally be one up on her in the on line dept


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