Sep 30, 2008

Blog Problem Solved (And Cecret Lake Pics to Prove it)

I figured I'd post this in case anyone else has the same problem. For some reason some of my pictures in my blogs are links to a bigger picture, and some aren't, seemingly randomly. I found out though, that they all work (in my test they did anyway, I guess only time will tell) if I choose a certain format when I add pictures. You get the option to post pictures as small, medium, large, or no format. I was using large, but using no format is cooler cuz you can resize the picture and make it larger in the post if you want, and, and this is the exciting part, the pictures all become links to the full sized versions. Don't ask me why this should make a difference, but it seems to. I'm excited about it. I guess I may as well post a big picture to show off the finding.

These pictures are from a little hike to Cecret Lake with my family when they were all in town the week before my wedding.

Sep 29, 2008

My Fair Lady and Tim's Repressed Jealousy

We got to use our season tickets to The Pioneer Theater for the first time on Saturday to see My Fair Lady. The Pioneer Theater surprised us with how nice the quality of the sets and costumes were. The acting was awesome too. We loved this musical, it is so funny and lively. When we pulled up to the theater we had about 15 minutes to spare, and unfortunately there was a football game at the U. We had to drive about 3/4 of a mile away and run to the theater to make it on time. We were seated only one or two minutes before they closed the doors and started. Next time we'll check to see if there is a game and arrive early if so!

I wanted to get a little dolled up for the play, which is worthwhile documenting because I don't get dolled up very often.

We took a couple of quick pictures of the family before we left, but we didn't have much time and didn't get an ideal shot. Here's the first picture, if more than half of Tim was in it, it might be cute.And the next picture I was crouching down in, which, after seeing my underwear in the picture, I realized wasn't the ideal position for a picture. I cropped it, but I'll have to photoshop it cuz it was a lot cuter uncropped. The point of mentioning that I got gussied up is so I can say that Tim kept telling me I looked like hot stuff. Which in turn is important to know for the dream that he had that night to make sense. First, I have to say that Tim doesn't get jealous. Not even if I try to make him jealous. I'll tell him about how some guy was hitting on me, and he'll be interested in the story, but only because he'll think it is funny, not because he is jealous in the slightest. But, as you'll learn momentarily, he has just been burying it deep down. He dreamed that I was prancing around town in a blue bathing suit (with a baggy white bra over the bathing suit top... not sure how that fits in, but I don't want to deprive you of the details) and I had these HUGE boobs. Then, some random guy walked up to me and said, "Wow, those are some nice boobs" and proceeded to fondle them. Tim was filled with fury and screamed, "Hey, that's my wife!" Then he ran over and grabbed the guy's balls forcefully and angrily and said, "Wow, those are some nice balls." Then he stepped back and walloped the guy across the face. Almost as funny as the content of the dream was watching Tim tell me about the dream, he was laughing so hard he had a tough time getting the whole story out.

Coincidentally, I had a dream the same night I was wearing a blue swimming suit and had huge boobs. I think this might mean that this really works. I'm meant to buy it after all.

Sep 28, 2008

Hiking Mt. Aire

Yesterday we hiked Mr. Aire, which is up Millcreek Canyon. The hike is only about 4 miles round trip and 2,000 feet elevation gain. It is prettier than I remembered, with a good amount of shade much of the way up. There is also a small stream along the trail for a while, which was popular with the dogs. This time of year was great for this hike, because there were lots of fall colors to be seen.
Can you find me and Sadie in this picture?

This picture cracks me up, Howard is such a goofball.
Here is Tim on the lam riding his trusty steed Howard "the Lightning Bolt". I hope the law doesn't catch them. Tim packed his large mirror for the trek, knowing that he might need to signal the other bandits in his crew. Also, because he is vain, and he needed to make sure he looked good in case there were some ladies on the trail.

Sep 25, 2008

My Faith in Myself is Restored

I recently read The Clan of the Cave Bear, which I haven't gotten around to writing about yet, but I will say that it was excellent. I got the movie from the library and we watched it last Friday. The story is about a cro magnon girl who is orphaned and adopted by a Neanderthal clan. The movie apparently didn't have the budget to actually try to recreate the sloping foreheads and head shape that bulged out at the back. Instead, they opted to just give the clan 80's hair and apparently hoped it would create the illusion of the head shape they had. Here is an example:Tim claims not to have been bothered by this too much, but I had a hard time taking the characters seriously. The other thing that bothered me even more is that Ayla's character is today's equivalent of maybe 17 at the end of the book. In the movie the girl who plays young Ayla looks like she could be that old. Yet, they opted to replace her with Darryl Hannah as she ages. So, now we have this woman who is clearly older than 25 acting like a little girl. I guess they had to do it, because having Darryl Hannah in the movie probably helped them out. But, it was just very strange. The story is really good, but somehow the movie was very slow and not very interesting. I sort of enjoyed it, but only because I'd read the book.

Looks like I got off on a little tangent there. The whole point of this post is that we watched the movie Friday, and Sunday, when I opened the DVD player to take it out, it was missing. I had absolutely no memory of taking it out over the weekend. Tim said he didn't take it out. He even encouraged me to think I had lost my marbles by saying I probably took it out not thinking and set it somewhere. It sounded reasonable. I scoured the house, looking in ridiculous places. Then, it dawned on me... what IF... the DVD never left the DVD player?? I picked it up and shook it, and sure enough, what sounded suspiciously like a DVD clunked around in there. Even the DVD player didn't like this movie!! Or, maybe it liked the movie a little toooo much if you know what I mean...

Sep 24, 2008

Gobbler's Knob

Sunday Tim and I hiked up Gobbler's Knob from Millcreek Canyon. It was only a 4.5 mile round trip, but it felt like a lot more because there was a 3,000 foot elevation gain. Even the dogs seemed tired by the time we got near the top. We were able to make it to the top in 1 hour 45 minutes. The hike takes you up through Alexander Basin, which is a really beautiful place. We've been there before earlier in the year, when the basin is filled with flowers. This time of year there weren't any flowers, but there were lots of fall colors to be seen. The view from the top was wonderful, well worth the steep hike. It was really windy and cold, so we didn't stay on the top for too long.
Sadie was very serious on the way down, stopping often to stare off into the basin. I think she heard some noises and she wanted to make sure there wasn't any funny business going on. Howard followed her around of course, and tried to figure out what they were up to.
I saw several fossils in the rocks at the top of Alexander Basin. This rock had the most of any I saw though.

Sep 23, 2008

Reminiscing - Pics of Eric and I

I have this collage of pictures hanging in my living room, and for awhile now Eric has been asking me to send him one of the pictures. I finally got around to scanning it, and while I was at it I scanned a bunch of funny pictures, notes and letters from when I was age 14-18. There are going to be way too many for one blog, I'll have to do installments.

Eric and I lived together during my first year of college, before he moved to Seattle. We would always go out grocery shopping together, and I have a lot of funny memories of those days at Fred Meyer. We always went to Fred Meyer. And Eric would really make use of his many accents on the cashiers.

One time, I had some film that I wanted to develop and there were some extra pictures that I needed to hurry and take. We thought it would be funny to pose in front of this car in the parking lot and act like we were really proud of it. Little did we know just how funny. I'm still laughing about these right now. And I've seen them many times in the past almost 10 years. Hopefully others will find them as funny as I do. Well. Lets be realistic, maybe like at least a tenth as funny, that'd still be pretty funny. Actually, I have to add that the one time I can remember actually peeing my pants was because of Eric making an expression like the one he is making in the 3rd picture. We were on a family trip to Yellowstone, I can't even remember how old we were, the younger the better I guess since I'm talking about peeing my pants here. Eric was wandering around acting retarded (I know, not very PC, but we were young so we could get away with it I guess). We were at a visitor's center and there was this area where the sidewalk led straight to this big window before veering off and skirting the building. Eric and I were standing there inside the building and Eric was doing his best retarded expression. I decided to run outside and see how well people could actually see in. When I got out on the sidewalk and was walking towards the window behind an older couple I looked at Eric to see that he was perfectly lit and the background was black. He couldn't possibly have stood out any better. There he was, still making the expression and beating himself on the chest with one of his hands. The old woman leaned in and made a loud remark to her husband about that poor boy. And that was it, I just couldn't contain myself, I started laughing so hard that I peed my pants a little bit.
Here is Eric when we were backpacking somewhere with the family, and we found some bear poop. What better photo op could one ask for? And here we are at our parent's house for Christmas one year.

Sep 22, 2008

Movie Review - Burn After Reading

Tim and I saw Burn After Reading this past weekend. It got some mixed reviews, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. The reviewers were upset that the movie had no real purpose. All of these characters all mixed up in something without much point. Also, a few parts of the movie aren't believable, but often comedies aren't believeable, so I don't get the problem. It was just hilarious the whole time. Tim and I and the couple of guys sitting in front of us laughed a lot, sometimes hysterically. The rest of the theater was pretty quiet, so, apparently the movie either really appeals to people or it doesn't at all.

It is about two personal fitness trainers at a gym (Brad Pitt and a woman who looked familiar, Chad and Linda) who find a disk, which contains the beginnings of a memoir by John Malkovitch (Osbourn), who works for the CIA, although he's demoted in the first scene. Chad finds out that Osbourne works for the CIA and concludes that the disk is worth a good reward and gets Linda in on the plan to get a "reward" for the disk. He keeps pointing out what good samaritans they are, instead of how they are planning blackmail. I was kind of sick of Brad's polished badass character that he seems to play most of the time, so his playing Chad was refreshing. Chad is the type of guy who doesn't think too deeply about much, a happy go lucky dunce. Brad played him perfectly. Linda wants in on the blackmail because she is hoping it might put a dent in the cost of several plastic surgery procedures she desperately wants to undergo. Linda is very demanding and bossy, and also not the sharpest tool in the shed. George Clooney is sleeping with Osbourne's wife, and he isn't as polished as usual either, with a nervous ADD type personality.

To enjoy this movie you have to enjoy the ridiculously inept characters and plot. It isn't a deep movie meant to be analysed. It isn't a movie where you're going to deeply respect and care about the characters (except for the guy with a crush on Linda, he is pretty adorable). The humor is often quite black. Expect some gore, and expect it to be center of some of the comedy. I'd say its a mix between Woody Allen humor and Pulp Fiction humor. So, fair warning, but Tim and I loved it.

Sep 18, 2008

I Won the 5K! (uhh.. sort of..)

At my work there were a bunch of people participating in a 5K. One girl won in her age group for women at only an 8:30 pace, I was surprised because I was pretty sure I could beat that, since on my regular jogs I keep up a 9 minute pace pretty easily. So, I promptly ran 3.1 miles to see. I was able to do it at an 8:15 pace. So, basically, I won, right? The guy who ran fastest from my company ran 6 at a 6:18 pace.. I told Tim he better step it up if he wants to be a winner like me.

Actually, I was a little disappointed by my pace. When I was in Seattle over the summer I ran three miles at a 7:45 pace. I wasn't expecting the altitude difference to make such a big difference in my time.

I'm really trying to get my jogging in, especially since summer is ending. Jogging on the treadmill just isn't quite the same. For one thing I don't get to rev the puppies up before I go, and see how much fun they have. Also, I just love the fresh air and running my route that I have found to be delightfully agressive dog free. *sigh* Jogging this summer has just been a dream, I'm going to miss it over the winter.

Sep 15, 2008

Dippin' Dogs!

Last Spring I saw in the city newsletter that there was going to be an event called Dipping Dogs in the Fall. I promptly entered the event into the calendar on my phone, I wasn't going to miss THAT. The event, and events like it, are apparently held yearly at various pools around the valley on the day after the pools close to the public. They take advantage of the fact the pool is about to be cleaned, and allow people to bring their dogs for a few hours of frantic, foaming at the mouth, fun. At first, both of the dogs were like, "Uh... what the *&$! is this?? CLEAN water? Why would we get into CLEAN water willingly?" They were having fun anyway, running around, but, after we found some tennis balls and started tossing them into the water, Howard's fetching OCD kicked in. He overcame his fear of the clean pool and even decided that he couldn't be bothered with going down the stairs into the pool and started just leaping right in over the edge. Here is a video where you can see his leap:

After throwing the ball for Howard for awhile I started looking around to see what Sadie was up to. I didn't see her in the pool. I didn't see her running with the other dogs. Where is she?? Ohhhh... there she is. Of course. By the snack bar, making a nuisance of herself, begging for food.

She was actually pretty successful. She was at least polite about it. As I watched I saw her sitting politely in front of a lady who then gave her several morsels of her hot dog. Little did that lady know what a monster she was creating. Sadie hardly had any fun with the other dogs. We'd call her over and tell her not to beg, but the instant our heads were turned she made a bee line for the snack bar. What a brat that girl can be. Tim would periodically get annoyed with her fuddy duddy ways and dump her in the pool. Here's a video of her getting dunked and of the happenings in general around the pool.


Sep 14, 2008

The Utah State Fair

Saturday we went to the state fair. I've always liked to go to the fair every couple of years. Often, I recall getting bored, but it always seems like a good idea to go again the next year. Here is a prime example of why the fair can seem boring:
After checking out the eggs, we made the usual rounds to see all of the cute animals. I was able to pet a goat. This year there were some adorable piglets. Tim had the opportunity to pose next to the blue ribbon rooster, very impressive. This year I discovered that I have been a fool in the past. I haven't ever checked to see what shows are happening and made a point to hit the good ones. I actually never even realized there were shows, much less that there were cool ones. Someone I work with mentioned that he saw a cool tiger show at the fair, and so I of course promptly attended the fair the following day. This year there was a tiger show, a magic show, and a reptile show. There were many others too, but these were the ones that struck my fancy.
I didn't get any pictures from the magic show. We were told that video was strictly forbidden, and I didn't want to chance it just a camera, you never know what one of those magicians might do to you. It was really an entertaining show though, I was adequately awed by the magic and the guy who put the show on was funny and a good showman. Actually, all three of the shows had great showmen.
The reptile show was fun to see. It seemed a little more geared towards kids, but hey, get me to a fair and I'm pretty much a kid again anyway. Tim is always making fun of me when we go places like the zoo and the fair, because I get really excited and start running around with glee, my eyes all lit up. There were several snakes that kids got to come up and hold, including a huge python that took five little kids to hold it. It was funny because the little girl holding the end of his tail lost the handle on her part and the python started wrapping itself around the boy next to her's leg. She was straining with all of her might to pull it off so she could hold it again, but she didn't have quite enough power.
Maybe I'm biased because I love tigers, but the tiger show was absolutely amazing. The coolest display of tigers I've ever seen. The circus has a tiger show too, but they are like a mile away, so it is hard to enjoy it as much. This show was close up, we were probably 15 feet from the cage. I almost liked watching the tigers clown around before the show as much as the show itself. One tiger liked to sit on his pedestal, but drape the upper half of his body over a ball, it was very cute. Another tiger was laying on its back, legs all sprawled out. The picture of that didn't turn out though, sorry to report. I got this one though, Zeus lays like this all the time.
Before the show the trainer went around and gave each tiger some love, giving hugs and scratches, they really enjoyed that.
One tiger, Nina, was more agile than the rest. She stole the show. The trainer told us that the tigers understand that applause is good, and associate it with reward. I think Nina must have known that roaring gets a lot of applause, because she made sure to roar dramatically a few times. The other tigers all did some standard tricks, like lifting their front feet up sitting on the pedestals. They also did this cool trick where they all lined up and walked in a circle side by side.
Nina jumped back and forth over another tiger several times. She was so beautiful to watch.
She also stood up on her hind legs a few times, and she was even able to stand up and walk backwards, which is what she is doing in the second picture down.
The trainer got a tiger.. hug from this big white tiger with gold stripes.

Nina's grand finale was leaping over her trainer.
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