Good Samaritan from Tanner Park

A few days ago we went to Tanner Park, an off leash dog park with a short hike along a stream with lots of pools for puppies to swim in. We went with Monica and Britney, a couple of friends I know from work. I brought my camera, but left it in the car. So, no exciting pictures of Sadie and Howard running around having fun, you'll just have to take my word for it. About halfway through the walk, I noticed that Howard's collar was missing. His collar falls off sometimes when it gets wet, but normally I luck out and happen see it fall off. I looked all over on the way back and never saw it. Today, I got home from work, and what should be hanging on my front door knob, but Howard's collar! It has a tag on it with his address and other information. I really felt all warm and fuzzy that someone would go to the trouble to return it. It was especially cool because Tanner Park is a good 20 minute drive from my house, so the collar went on quite a journey. I didn't get to talk to this person, but, thank you mysterious wonderful Tanner Park stranger!


  1. Nice to know we still have kind, anonymous people in this world. I'd like to know your good samaritan


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