Adam's Canyon Hike

Adam's canyon didn't look like it had any trails other than the one we took. We hiked only 3.5 miles round trip, around 1500 feet elevation gain. It was mostly a really easy hike. The first half mile was mostly sand with no shade, poor Howard was trying to pick up all of his feet at the same time because they got so hot on the sand. The last half mile or so was slow going because there wasn't much of a trail and you are forced to hike on a steep slant next to the river in many places. So, overall the hike wasn't too spectacular, but the waterfall at the end was worth doing it at least once. There were a couple of smaller waterfalls too. After we reached the big waterfall, we thought about climbing up further to see if there were any others up ahead, but the dogs weren't able to make it up the small area we would have had to climb through, and there were cliffs on each side, so they couldn't go around. We thought about boosting them up, but Howard acts like we are trying to kill him when we merely lift him into the back of the subaru, so, we weren't sure he could handle being boosted up in a situation where he could actually fall and hurt himself. Howard is not a risk taker. Here they are trying deperately to climb up after Tim:At one point during the hike we passed a couple with a pit bull, and as the dogs were greeting each other the woman said, "Let's hope this is just a friendly sniff session." Like, maybe with her dog there is an alternative? She just hopes each time that it will be friendly and not a fight? Tim even said, "Hope??" Just to make sure we heard her correctly, and she giggled and said, "Yes, hope." I have strong opinions about responsible pit bull ownership (or, uh, irrisponsible in this case). But, that'll be next blog's topic. Anyway, we lucked out this time I guess.
And even though it doesn't relate at all, here is a picture of Sadie after coming in from the back yard, she loves to nuzzle through the dirt back there.


  1. The pit bull dog owner's comment was a bit worrisome. The waterfall is beautiful, a great place for man, woman, and beasts... er, I mean hairy kids... or whatever.

  2. That waterfall looks pretty cool. Man, I wish I could've made it up there with you. Oh and I really love that picture of Sadie and Howard trying to climb up the rocks after Tim. Ha!


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