Seattle Vacation - Prepare for Pictures...

Tim and I went to Seattle recently for my friend April's wedding. Right after we got into town Laura and I went to the bachelorette party. The first part of the party was dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. I eat like a toddler and I am also a germaphobe. So, dinner was quite an experience for me. They served community meat pies with pastry tops and you were all expected to dig in with your hands. They didn't provide any napkins, utensils, or individual plates. I didn't have anywhere to put my gum so I put it on the rim of my glass, and shortly after the waiter handed me a piece of paper towel and without saying a word, glared at me expectantly. He didn't have the best communication skills and alternated between being annoyed at our foolish and rude american ways, and stroking our backs because he was apparently quite taken by us. There was belly dancing though, and I thought that was fun to watch.

We went running a couple of times around Green Lake. It is an awesome place to run because there is a 3 mile path around the lake and most of the path is shaded by trees. If I lived in Seattle I would go to Green Lake all the time. I was able to keep up with Tim and Eric for the first 3 miles, at a 7:45 pace, which is pretty good for me.

Eric took us on a gorgeous hike up Little Mt. Si. The hike wasn't extremely strenuous, but it was good exercise and I loved the foresty terrain. At one point Tim and Eric passed a huge rock that started falling on them. Tim panicked, but Eric had the presence of mind to stop the threat.. with only his index finger. You can see that he was straining though.Eric also took us to a really cool park called Gasworks, which is right next to the water and you can see downtown seattle across the water. Some of the equipment started malfunctioning so Laura and I had to leap into action to get it all turned off before anything crazy happened.We also saw Carrick (I think?) park. It had lots of paths through the forest and was near the ocean. Having come from Utah where the weather is in the 90's it was funny to see the locals from Seattle, laying out on the beach in bikinis even though it was breezy and really not all that warm outside. We happened to visit during an unseasonably warm week we heard.
April's wedding went really well, the ceremony was held in a pavilion right on the water and it was perfect weather. Then most of the bridal party took a boat across the water to the reception site. The reception was really nice with good food. At the end of the reception April said there needed to be more dancing so Laura and I tried to help by dancing very seriously and professionally. Here we are:
Then, Tim and Eric got in on the action and the dance floor was hot for awhile.
One night after dark I got into the rental car and didn't notice anything amiss for a few minutes until I looked out the window and saw...
The BOOGEYMAN!!! Tim patiently posed this way for quite some time before I noticed. So, when I finally did I had to get a picture of him.
We happened to have the same flight home as my friend Kristina who also came to the wedding and who I haven't seen in awhile, so I got to catch up more with her on the flight.
All in all a busy and quick trip, but it was really fun.


  1. Sounds like your Seattle trip was fun and eventful. Good to hear the wedding went well. I'm glad I missed out on the Morrocan restaurant.

  2. Gosh, I've always wanted to go to Seattle. Looks like you had a great trip. And those are some impressive dance moves you got there.

  3. Oh man...tim's scary face turned out even better on film than I'd dreamed.


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