Rodeo Fun and Dog Lake (But, not at the same time)

On the 4th of July we went to the West Jordan rodeo for the second year in a row. Tim isn't a big rodeo fan, but I really like them, and so he sits through them each year and in exchange I go to the demolition derby with him. This year Tim got short changed 'cuz the derby was the previous weekend when we were in Seattle. But, I read there is going to be another one in a few months, so don't feel too bad for him yet. We had much better seats than last year, about the 5th row back. Right before the bull riding a couple leaving stopped by us and told us we could have their seats. Their seats were even better than ours, so we really appreciated that. The bullriding was fun to watch as always, but, I actually think the bronco riding was better this year. One bull didn't even buck! He just stood there. It was funny because the cowboy was all poised for bucking, sitting with his arm out in front him in position, for like 30 seconds before the bull ever even moved.We did get to see a few lively ones though.The bronc riding was more lively though. There is also an event they always do at the beginning where they have someone ride a horse towing a rug behind them, and in motion a child tries to leap onto the rug and hold on for a run down the arena. I know I'm on the paranoid side, but this seems a little dangerous to me. One mom had an extremely spirited horse who freaked out when it saw the rug and almost stepped on her kid's head. I wouldn't let my DOGS that close to such a highstrung horse. I firmly believe that they should leave this event to consenting adults. But, don't get me wrong, the rodeo was still awesome. And as an added bonus, after the rodeo there were fireworks right next door to watch. We went on a run up city creek canyon on the fourth too. It is a black topped road with a slight incline that you can run up for 3 miles before you hit the watershed line. The dogs do have to be on a leash, because cars are allowed up occasionally, but it is still a pretty place to run or walk with lots of shade. A nice bonus of city creek canyon is that there are several water fountains on the way up, so you can stay fully hydrated.

We also went up millcreek canyon over the weekend. The avalanche gate is finally open!! If you want to have your dogs off leash you've got to make sure to go on an odd day. We tried to run from the big water trailhead up to dog lake, but I couldn't do it. The trail is only about 2.8 miles, but it is very steep in the beginning and I burned myself out. I am determined to run all the way up the trail soon though. I'm going to give it another go this weekend. The trail is gorgeous, very lush and green and it crosses over water in several places before you get to dog lake. This is probably the puppies all time favorite hike, lots of water, plenty of friends, and no leash needed. I've also noticed that people who frequent millcreek canyon have friendly dogs in general. Neffs canyon for some reason has more aggressive dogs, not sure why this would be. Dog Lake itself is not too glamorous, it looks kind of like a large muddy puddle, but it sure gets the job done happy wise with the dogs. (see evidence below)Everyone sits around the lake and takes a break while their dogs tear around like mad. Howard figured out that if he grabbed a big stick and then ran right past a dog he could get them to chase him for his stick. Sometimes it took a few passes, but he was quite popular with the dogs once he figured this out and he was absolutely thrilled to be getting so much attention. It was hilarious to watch. Then, Sadie, who is socially challenged, would chase the dogs chasing Howard, trying to figure out what the big deal was. Here Sadie and Howard are both swimming back from fetching a stick, and both are refusing to let the other one have it.


  1. You got some great action shots! I agree about a horse pulling a kid on a rug. Not too safe...


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