Jul 31, 2008

Yard Progress

Here is the path that we built last summer. This path is built out of bricks that we found laying in a huge pile on the side of a road in a very nice neighborhood. We had been considering a path, so we thought, score, and knocked on the door to ask if we could have the bricks. The guy who answered thought we were total white trash for wanting his trash. It was actually a pretty funny conversation, I can't remember the details, but I distinctly remember how he seemed vaguely grossed out while we talked to him. We also added this lamp, which, sadly we couldn't find in anyone's trash.
Here is the pergola after I stained it and Tim put a dark acid stain on the concrete pad underneath it. Be sure to look carefully for a Sadie girl posing on the bench in this picture.
And here you can see the fountain and small pond better, and you can also see a Sadie dog better.
In this picture if you look closely toward the left side of the pond near you can see a glimpse of the goldfish we have in the pond. This is about all I ever see of them.
Here you can see the planter boxes that we added to the pergola and the vines. One of them is a Honeysuckle vine, so it should smell really good when it blooms. And here are two pictures so I don't go getting all cocky thinking the work is all done. These large portions of the yard leave something to be desired.. like grass maybe. I'm hoping by the end of summer I can post pictures of these areas looking a little better.

Jul 29, 2008

Movie Review: The Contract

This movie stars Morgan Freeman and John Cusack. Which is why I was so surprised when it turned out to be one of the worst movies I have seen in quite some time. After I saw it I read up on it and saw that it went straight to video. It is so bad that it is actually funny in some parts, although painfully so. In one scene, John Cusack is running from the bad guys and he and the group with him cross a bridge. The bridge is over a gully filled with boulders. The gully looks like it would be easy to walk over with no bridge. He crosses the bridge, and then makes this big deal over how he and the group must knock it down in order to gain a valuable lead over those chasing them. They knock it down and run off. The bad guys then approach the gully, and cross the boulders like it is no big deal. I mean, there wasn't even an attempt to make it look like it was hard to cross. It was so sad. The movie was full of stuff like this. And the script! Terrible. Just awful. The bad guys kept saying words like gee, jeez, darn, ect. But the movie was rated R.

Jul 28, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

We saw The Dark Knight. It was good, but not quite as good as everyone had led me to believe. One thing that I had a hard time with was Batman's voice. When he was in costume, he did this terrible voice, I know, I know, he had to disguise himself. And Tim tells me that although every Batman has done this in previous movies (which I don't remember, so they couldn't have been so bad before), he too had a difficult time listening to it. I just couldn't take batman seriously while he was doing this. I think more that just how the voice sounded, I had a hard time with how he didn't shut his mouth while he was talking, and he would curl his lips in a way that looked to me like he was trying to be seductive. It was just awful. I firmly believe that since batman's chin and mouth are exposed, and we are to believe that no one will recognize him, they should let go of the whole voice disguise thing too. I would really rather swallow that his voice won't be recognized either than have to listen to that voice. I guess what it comes down to is that I'm just not a big fan of the new Batman. Bring back Michael Keaton! But, Heath Ledger did do a wonderful job, and his performance was every bit as good as everyone said. The movie overall was good and I enjoyed it.

Jul 27, 2008

Company Party, Yardwork

The company party was Friday. There was a big picnic and then everyone got tickets to watch a baseball game (The Bees). And boy is baseball boring. Tim and Esteban (I hope I spelled that right) did keep me semi entertained. Yelling stuff and making jokes the whole time. And in between action (yeah, so like the whole game) they played some songs and they really favored songs with Lil John. Which had the whole crowd screaming "What!! Okaaayyyy!!" and that was funny. I was surprised that so many people has heard the Dave Chappelle skit relating to Lil John. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Lil John is a rapper who only has like 3 possible words that he screams during his songs, which include what, yeaaah, and okaaay. You can click here to see Dave Chappel's awesome skit about it. And while I'm at it, I better post a link to a funny Flight of the Chonchords song. Here is Business Time. Also, Jenny is a funny one. Trust me, those are way more interesting then a description of the baseball would be! But, after the game, there was a fireworks show that was really good. It was windy, so some of the burning embers and ashes came raining down on the crowd, which was a little scary.

We have been working on our back yard lately. Here is a picture before we finished staining it and before Tim acid stained the concrete pad underneath. I was too lazy to shoot an after shot yet.. maybe I'll find the motivation today, who's to say? We also added a couple of planters and planted vines in them. I'm excited for the vines to cover the pergola, it is going to look so pretty. I got fast growing vines, and from what I was told about them the pergola should be mostly covered by next year at this time.
There is a little pond at the back of the pergola. The pond was getting full of mosquito larvae, but we found out that there are mosquito abatement branches all over the place that will bring little minnows to your house for free. We got some delivered on Monday, and already there are far less larvae. We also got a couple of goldfish and a plecostomus, but the goldfish hide most of the time so sadly we don't get to see them much. And the plecostomus I haven't been able to spot at all. Hopefully he is still there!

Jul 23, 2008

How to get a logo, web design, ect

Check out this website where you can post a contest for like 20 dollars or even less to get a logo. People compete and submit lots of designs for that much money. You can also have web design and programming contests. If you have a need for that stuff, it is really cheap, effective way to get what you want. You do have to create an account and comment 25 times on threads on this website to be able to post in the contests section. The contests section is under the business section. You can see how it works by looking at the thread from my contest here.

Jul 19, 2008

Becoming a Blogging Pro!

Soon I'll be able to retire with all of my blogging knowledge. I found out how to spice up my blog with free templates. I used this site to find some good places to look for templates. One thing to know is that a lot of the templates don't work, so don't get too attached until you see if it works. Trust me, it can be a heartbreaking experience. When you find one you like, just download it and unzip the file. Then, you go to the layout section of your blog, choose the html tab, delete what is in there, and paste in the template html. Warning: some customizations you've made to your blog get lost. Like my blogs I read section I had to redo. Good thing I only have like 5. So, before you do it you'll want to follow the directions in the html section to save your current template in case it all doesn't go so smoothly and you don't like how the new template looks. Anyway, for work, I have been writing on this blog* and I was told to schnazz it up a bit, so I found this template:
Then, I changed it a big and added the logo we got off of digitalpoint.. which I should blog about too cuz it is really a cool site... and ended up with this:
Which I absolutely love, but I can't get it to work with blogspot!! There are some people at my work who know what they're doing with html a whole lot more than me though, so I think I'll be able to get it looking like this soon. Moral of the story: choose a template that works. Because if you get your heart set on one that doesn't it sure is a hassle to get it working.
* When I mention to anyone that I've been blogging on a home decorating blog for work, they always ask me what in the world that could possibly have to do with the medical staffing company I work for. It turns out that when a site that has a higher ranking than your site posts links to your site it increases the ranking of your site. The blog I'm posting on has a higher ranking than my company's site. So, it doesn't matter what I'm posting about or really how well I do it, as long as I link to my company's site in each post and post frequently.

Jul 10, 2008

Rodeo Fun and Dog Lake (But, not at the same time)

On the 4th of July we went to the West Jordan rodeo for the second year in a row. Tim isn't a big rodeo fan, but I really like them, and so he sits through them each year and in exchange I go to the demolition derby with him. This year Tim got short changed 'cuz the derby was the previous weekend when we were in Seattle. But, I read there is going to be another one in a few months, so don't feel too bad for him yet. We had much better seats than last year, about the 5th row back. Right before the bull riding a couple leaving stopped by us and told us we could have their seats. Their seats were even better than ours, so we really appreciated that. The bullriding was fun to watch as always, but, I actually think the bronco riding was better this year. One bull didn't even buck! He just stood there. It was funny because the cowboy was all poised for bucking, sitting with his arm out in front him in position, for like 30 seconds before the bull ever even moved.We did get to see a few lively ones though.The bronc riding was more lively though. There is also an event they always do at the beginning where they have someone ride a horse towing a rug behind them, and in motion a child tries to leap onto the rug and hold on for a run down the arena. I know I'm on the paranoid side, but this seems a little dangerous to me. One mom had an extremely spirited horse who freaked out when it saw the rug and almost stepped on her kid's head. I wouldn't let my DOGS that close to such a highstrung horse. I firmly believe that they should leave this event to consenting adults. But, don't get me wrong, the rodeo was still awesome. And as an added bonus, after the rodeo there were fireworks right next door to watch. We went on a run up city creek canyon on the fourth too. It is a black topped road with a slight incline that you can run up for 3 miles before you hit the watershed line. The dogs do have to be on a leash, because cars are allowed up occasionally, but it is still a pretty place to run or walk with lots of shade. A nice bonus of city creek canyon is that there are several water fountains on the way up, so you can stay fully hydrated.

We also went up millcreek canyon over the weekend. The avalanche gate is finally open!! If you want to have your dogs off leash you've got to make sure to go on an odd day. We tried to run from the big water trailhead up to dog lake, but I couldn't do it. The trail is only about 2.8 miles, but it is very steep in the beginning and I burned myself out. I am determined to run all the way up the trail soon though. I'm going to give it another go this weekend. The trail is gorgeous, very lush and green and it crosses over water in several places before you get to dog lake. This is probably the puppies all time favorite hike, lots of water, plenty of friends, and no leash needed. I've also noticed that people who frequent millcreek canyon have friendly dogs in general. Neffs canyon for some reason has more aggressive dogs, not sure why this would be. Dog Lake itself is not too glamorous, it looks kind of like a large muddy puddle, but it sure gets the job done happy wise with the dogs. (see evidence below)Everyone sits around the lake and takes a break while their dogs tear around like mad. Howard figured out that if he grabbed a big stick and then ran right past a dog he could get them to chase him for his stick. Sometimes it took a few passes, but he was quite popular with the dogs once he figured this out and he was absolutely thrilled to be getting so much attention. It was hilarious to watch. Then, Sadie, who is socially challenged, would chase the dogs chasing Howard, trying to figure out what the big deal was. Here Sadie and Howard are both swimming back from fetching a stick, and both are refusing to let the other one have it.

Jul 2, 2008

Seattle Vacation - Prepare for Pictures...

Tim and I went to Seattle recently for my friend April's wedding. Right after we got into town Laura and I went to the bachelorette party. The first part of the party was dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. I eat like a toddler and I am also a germaphobe. So, dinner was quite an experience for me. They served community meat pies with pastry tops and you were all expected to dig in with your hands. They didn't provide any napkins, utensils, or individual plates. I didn't have anywhere to put my gum so I put it on the rim of my glass, and shortly after the waiter handed me a piece of paper towel and without saying a word, glared at me expectantly. He didn't have the best communication skills and alternated between being annoyed at our foolish and rude american ways, and stroking our backs because he was apparently quite taken by us. There was belly dancing though, and I thought that was fun to watch.

We went running a couple of times around Green Lake. It is an awesome place to run because there is a 3 mile path around the lake and most of the path is shaded by trees. If I lived in Seattle I would go to Green Lake all the time. I was able to keep up with Tim and Eric for the first 3 miles, at a 7:45 pace, which is pretty good for me.

Eric took us on a gorgeous hike up Little Mt. Si. The hike wasn't extremely strenuous, but it was good exercise and I loved the foresty terrain. At one point Tim and Eric passed a huge rock that started falling on them. Tim panicked, but Eric had the presence of mind to stop the threat.. with only his index finger. You can see that he was straining though.Eric also took us to a really cool park called Gasworks, which is right next to the water and you can see downtown seattle across the water. Some of the equipment started malfunctioning so Laura and I had to leap into action to get it all turned off before anything crazy happened.We also saw Carrick (I think?) park. It had lots of paths through the forest and was near the ocean. Having come from Utah where the weather is in the 90's it was funny to see the locals from Seattle, laying out on the beach in bikinis even though it was breezy and really not all that warm outside. We happened to visit during an unseasonably warm week we heard.
April's wedding went really well, the ceremony was held in a pavilion right on the water and it was perfect weather. Then most of the bridal party took a boat across the water to the reception site. The reception was really nice with good food. At the end of the reception April said there needed to be more dancing so Laura and I tried to help by dancing very seriously and professionally. Here we are:
Then, Tim and Eric got in on the action and the dance floor was hot for awhile.
One night after dark I got into the rental car and didn't notice anything amiss for a few minutes until I looked out the window and saw...
The BOOGEYMAN!!! Tim patiently posed this way for quite some time before I noticed. So, when I finally did I had to get a picture of him.
We happened to have the same flight home as my friend Kristina who also came to the wedding and who I haven't seen in awhile, so I got to catch up more with her on the flight.
All in all a busy and quick trip, but it was really fun.
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