Weekend With My Family

We took Monday off to spend some time with my parents who live a couple of hours away. Both Seth and Eric (my brothers) were able to come along with Seth's wife Darleen and their two kids. It was a good time. We went on a gorgeous hike and got several good pictures there. On the hike Tim and my brothers decided that they needed to be able to start a fire without a lighter. They spent a good hour attempting this but they were foiled. It made for some funny pictures though. When we got to the top we were all pretty tired. Eric and Tim were trying to start a fire and then Seth, who I think was in the woods somewhere taking a nap or something, appeared hobbling along using a walking stick. When he got close he said in his best old man voice, "I'm suffering... Ooohhhh... but, it isn't arthritis. No, it isn't. I'm suffering from a serious case of demotivation." It was hilarious. Someone was even able to snap a picture.


  1. I used some of the same pics on my blog, but I like your inclusion of Seth as the demotivated "old man."


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