Speech by Mark Eaton

The company I work for had Mark Eaton speak to us today. He talked about how he went from being a young auto mechanic who had sworn off basketball to an NBA player. I thought his speech was quite entertaining and funny. He said he played basketball in high school, but he wasn't fast, so he got put on the bench most of the time and it was a negative experience for him. So, he said he'd never play again and began working as an auto mechanic. One day a coach for a local community college came in and tried to convince him to play basketball for his team. The guy was persistent, and on his 15th trip to the mechanic shop to see Mark, Mark said he'd give it a shot. The coach got Mark started learning how to be a good player even though he wasn't the fastest. Mark said he played for UCLA and got discouraged, but he found his niche with the Jazz and went on to break records for the most blocked shots in a game. Anyway, it was a fun speech and afterward Anna, a coworker, and I got a picture with him!


  1. Wow, that guy's really big. Or, wait, you're really tiny. Or a little of both.
    Cool pic

  2. Oh my gosh! This picture is awesome. You two barely get past that guy's waist. Tess, you look even tinier than usual. Ha! And I'm sooo happy that Howard was a hit at the contest.


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