Rattlesnake Excitement

Tim's first blog! :
We originally had plans to hike to the meadow today, but our excursion was cut short due to an extreme number of rattlesnake sightings, including 2 of our own. We were being warned on the way up about snakes, but doubted we would see one. About 1.25 miles up we talked to a lady that had just seen a snake 2 streams ahead. We decided to be cautious at the next stream, good thing too. At the very next stream we saw Howard rear back from something and sure enough, there was a rattler coiled up defensively. It was a good thing we were watching Howard, because the trail was so narrow that we would've passed within inches of the snake. We called the dogs back and avoided them getting involved, however they did get way too close for comfort. We decided at that point that moving on was not worth the risk. On our way back I kicked a Y shaped twig up and it grabbed the back of my leg, which caused me to scream while shaking my leg. Fortunately enough for me, this happened right in front of an oncoming hiker. He told me to relax, it was just a twig. Since I had my GPS watch I can see the my heart rate elevated from 90 bpm to 126 bpm when I thought the "snake" had me. Good thing my awareness was up at this point though. On the dirt road that leads to the parking lot I stopped Tess and I from stepping on a rattler that was crossing the path. We were in conversation and if I hadn't seen it we might have stepped right on it. It rattled while looking at us and cautiously made its way across the trail. By the time it reached the other side it lost interest in us and went about its business. It was really cool to hear it and see it in person though. We took the opportunity to get pictures of both snakes.


  1. Nice blogging, Tim!
    Good thing you got away from that twig in time. No telling what damage it might have done!


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