Little Friend in the Basement

Last week Howard made an interesting discovery in the basement in the middle of the night. He came upstairs and politely licked Tim's hand, wanting to share his wonderful news that he had found a new friend. But, silly daddy misunderstood and thought he had to potty. The next day I got up and heard Howard downstairs making groaning noises. I recognize these noises and know that the translation is, "I want to play with you, but you don't seem to want to play... Whhyyyyy??? Whyyyyyyy? I liiiikkkkeee yoooouuuuu!!!!" I realized this must have to do with Howard's waking Tim up in the night and went down to see what Howard wanted. He had cornered a little critter that looked just like a hamster, but with smaller ears and a short mouse like tail. I googled it up, and now believe that it was a northern pocket gopher. My mom made sure to inform me that I could contract the bubonic plague from him. So, I figured it would be best to set him free in a nearby gully.I hope little Stan (I didn't mean to name him, but it just fit so well) is doing well. Howard misses him terribly.


  1. I see that you made Mom the bad guy. I do not approve!

  2. Yes, Stan is the perfect name for that little guy.


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