H Dogg Hounded by the Paparazzi

Poor H Dogg can barely walk out of his house without being harassed by fans and paparazzi! Here is just one of maaaaannny articles published about him:
The part about Howard is a few paragraphs down. The article says this took place in Heber for some reason, but the other facts seem to be mostly correct. Below is the picture from the article.

There wasn't a lot of competition for Howard at the contest, no one else got very into dressing up their dogs like I did. I apparently have too much time on my hands. = ) Everyone flocked to Howard and laughed at his costume and I almost felt like a celebrity myself for about five minutes. I was interviewed by the deseret news and then interviewed on camera by my company. My company puts together videos so the employees can watch them on the intranet, which is always fun, so maybe I'll post Howard's interview later. The official results of the contest won't be announced until Monday, but considering Howard was the only dog wearing more than a couple of pieces of clothing, I think he's got it in the bag.


  1. Hi,
    Your link to the Deseret News doesn't work for me. I wish they'd used your blog photos of Howard. Those showed more of the costume.
    Poor Howard. I hope the Papparazi move on soon.


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