Grandeur Peak

Saturday Tim and I took the dogs up to Grandeur Peak. We got a late start and it was hot when we got there. The first mile of the hike had plenty of shade and water, but it got dry and exposed after that. The puppies were hiding off to the side of the trail at every opportunity. The hike ended up being a little over 6 miles round trip with about a 2,600 foot elevation gain. It was a good hike and had us exhausted by the time we got done. It was beautiful at the top, with views in every direction. Today, a three mile run was plenty for me, but Tim is still out running. His GPS watch really has him motivated!


  1. Pretty views. I'm glad Tim's watch has him so motivated. Maybe you need one, too?

  2. Is that Howard in the first picture? Wow, he has the longest tongue ever! Ha!


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