Jun 22, 2008

Grandeur Peak

Saturday Tim and I took the dogs up to Grandeur Peak. We got a late start and it was hot when we got there. The first mile of the hike had plenty of shade and water, but it got dry and exposed after that. The puppies were hiding off to the side of the trail at every opportunity. The hike ended up being a little over 6 miles round trip with about a 2,600 foot elevation gain. It was a good hike and had us exhausted by the time we got done. It was beautiful at the top, with views in every direction. Today, a three mile run was plenty for me, but Tim is still out running. His GPS watch really has him motivated!

Jun 21, 2008

H Dogg Hounded by the Paparazzi

Poor H Dogg can barely walk out of his house without being harassed by fans and paparazzi! Here is just one of maaaaannny articles published about him:
The part about Howard is a few paragraphs down. The article says this took place in Heber for some reason, but the other facts seem to be mostly correct. Below is the picture from the article.

There wasn't a lot of competition for Howard at the contest, no one else got very into dressing up their dogs like I did. I apparently have too much time on my hands. = ) Everyone flocked to Howard and laughed at his costume and I almost felt like a celebrity myself for about five minutes. I was interviewed by the deseret news and then interviewed on camera by my company. My company puts together videos so the employees can watch them on the intranet, which is always fun, so maybe I'll post Howard's interview later. The official results of the contest won't be announced until Monday, but considering Howard was the only dog wearing more than a couple of pieces of clothing, I think he's got it in the bag.

Jun 20, 2008

Speech by Mark Eaton

The company I work for had Mark Eaton speak to us today. He talked about how he went from being a young auto mechanic who had sworn off basketball to an NBA player. I thought his speech was quite entertaining and funny. He said he played basketball in high school, but he wasn't fast, so he got put on the bench most of the time and it was a negative experience for him. So, he said he'd never play again and began working as an auto mechanic. One day a coach for a local community college came in and tried to convince him to play basketball for his team. The guy was persistent, and on his 15th trip to the mechanic shop to see Mark, Mark said he'd give it a shot. The coach got Mark started learning how to be a good player even though he wasn't the fastest. Mark said he played for UCLA and got discouraged, but he found his niche with the Jazz and went on to break records for the most blocked shots in a game. Anyway, it was a fun speech and afterward Anna, a coworker, and I got a picture with him!

Jun 18, 2008

The Real Thing: H Dogg in the Hizzle!!

The costume contest isn't until Friday, but I thought I'd better get Howard accustomed to wearing clothes in advance. He did great, although, as you can see in this first pic, he started out a little depressed. But, one I busted out the cheese he perked right up. Then, Zeus came around during the photo shoot pestering Howard for some of the good stuff.

Jun 16, 2008

Book Reviews

I've been thinking for awhile that it would be fun to post what I've been reading and how I'm liking it. Now that I'm finally getting around to it I've got 4 recent reads to write about. But, hopefully in the future I can be less of a slacker and actually write about it right after I read it. = )

My Name is Russell Fink:
About a guy who is a hypochondriac, has a hard time keeping a job and finds himself stuck in a rut. Written in a funny way instead of being depressing. I laughed out loud several times while reading this. Although, I did get a little less interested around halfway though. The book took a sappier turn instead of focusing just on the humor, but in a way that was good because I liked the character development that you wouldn't have gotten with a comedy only.

The Time Traveler's Wife:
Basically a romance novel. About a guy who is chronologically impaired, meaning he can't seem to stick in one place in time. I was totally riveted for most of this book.

In God's Footsteps:
The same type of style as Dan Brown. Fast paced action packed. Good stuff and I really liked the ideas in the book.

Thief With No Shadow:
Fantasy/action. This came highly recommended by my mom and I really liked it too. From the point of view of a girl who is also a wraith (person who can disappear at will) on a mission to save her brother. Lots of imaginative creatures in this book.

Jun 15, 2008

***EXCUSIVE Sneak Preview*** H Dogg in the House

My work is observing bring your dog to work day this Friday. There is going to be a celebrity look alike contest among the dogs. Howard will be going as Snoop Dogg. This picture is just the tip of the iceburg as far as his costume goes, but I wanted to get out a sneak preview. I do think if he doesn't win the contest is rigged. Note the pigtail braids. Google revealed to me that pigtail braids is Snoop Dogg's fav hairstyle.

Rattlesnake Excitement

Tim's first blog! :
We originally had plans to hike to the meadow today, but our excursion was cut short due to an extreme number of rattlesnake sightings, including 2 of our own. We were being warned on the way up about snakes, but doubted we would see one. About 1.25 miles up we talked to a lady that had just seen a snake 2 streams ahead. We decided to be cautious at the next stream, good thing too. At the very next stream we saw Howard rear back from something and sure enough, there was a rattler coiled up defensively. It was a good thing we were watching Howard, because the trail was so narrow that we would've passed within inches of the snake. We called the dogs back and avoided them getting involved, however they did get way too close for comfort. We decided at that point that moving on was not worth the risk. On our way back I kicked a Y shaped twig up and it grabbed the back of my leg, which caused me to scream while shaking my leg. Fortunately enough for me, this happened right in front of an oncoming hiker. He told me to relax, it was just a twig. Since I had my GPS watch I can see the my heart rate elevated from 90 bpm to 126 bpm when I thought the "snake" had me. Good thing my awareness was up at this point though. On the dirt road that leads to the parking lot I stopped Tess and I from stepping on a rattler that was crossing the path. We were in conversation and if I hadn't seen it we might have stepped right on it. It rattled while looking at us and cautiously made its way across the trail. By the time it reached the other side it lost interest in us and went about its business. It was really cool to hear it and see it in person though. We took the opportunity to get pictures of both snakes.

Jun 5, 2008

Weekend With My Family

We took Monday off to spend some time with my parents who live a couple of hours away. Both Seth and Eric (my brothers) were able to come along with Seth's wife Darleen and their two kids. It was a good time. We went on a gorgeous hike and got several good pictures there. On the hike Tim and my brothers decided that they needed to be able to start a fire without a lighter. They spent a good hour attempting this but they were foiled. It made for some funny pictures though. When we got to the top we were all pretty tired. Eric and Tim were trying to start a fire and then Seth, who I think was in the woods somewhere taking a nap or something, appeared hobbling along using a walking stick. When he got close he said in his best old man voice, "I'm suffering... Ooohhhh... but, it isn't arthritis. No, it isn't. I'm suffering from a serious case of demotivation." It was hilarious. Someone was even able to snap a picture.

Little Friend in the Basement

Last week Howard made an interesting discovery in the basement in the middle of the night. He came upstairs and politely licked Tim's hand, wanting to share his wonderful news that he had found a new friend. But, silly daddy misunderstood and thought he had to potty. The next day I got up and heard Howard downstairs making groaning noises. I recognize these noises and know that the translation is, "I want to play with you, but you don't seem to want to play... Whhyyyyy??? Whyyyyyyy? I liiiikkkkeee yoooouuuuu!!!!" I realized this must have to do with Howard's waking Tim up in the night and went down to see what Howard wanted. He had cornered a little critter that looked just like a hamster, but with smaller ears and a short mouse like tail. I googled it up, and now believe that it was a northern pocket gopher. My mom made sure to inform me that I could contract the bubonic plague from him. So, I figured it would be best to set him free in a nearby gully.I hope little Stan (I didn't mean to name him, but it just fit so well) is doing well. Howard misses him terribly.
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