Tess is Cheap

Every year our neighborhood does a street cleanup where you can put all of your junk out and the city takes it away. Last year, I spotted a picnic table across the street and knew instantly that I had to have it. Tim refused to just march across the street and take the neighbor's trash in daylight though. He thought it was embarrassing to be stealing junk and it made us look low class or something ridiculous like that. So, we turned it into a covert op. We waited till dark and then made a run for it. Now we have it on our deck, but we could only find one lawn chair in the garage for it. We're going to see if we can find some others at the DI today. So, I guess I better quit screwing around with the blog for now. = )


  1. that is awesome. it's a damn good thing you kept it under wraps. hopefully not many people see this incriminating post though...

  2. Tess, you're not cheap, you're practical...I mean, why let a perfectly good piece of trash go to waste, right? I love that you two waited until after dark to swipe it. Haha!


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