May 18, 2008

Dishwasher safe

The other day I ran our toothbrush holder through the dishwasher, and for good measure I stuck our toothbrushes in too. Tim laughed at me and questioned my wisdom. But, see how nice and clean and unruined it all is now.

Howard cracks me up

I'm going to try my hardest to not bore people too much with my dogs. But, look how silly Howard looks in this picture! It isn't just me is it?? It can't be. He was begging for a some banana here I think. He LOVES bananas.
And here both of them are, begging for grapefruit. Even though only Howard actually likes it Sadie begs just so that he won't get something she doesn't. Then, once you give her some and she doesn't eat it, the second Howard tries to snatch it she forces it down anyway.

Warm weather is here

Every year I jump the gun and plant flowers too soon, then when it gets too cold at night they all die. But, I think I may have actually waited long enough this year. Here is a pic of some of the flowers I planted. Most of them are petunias, so, I think within a few weeks they should spread out and fill up the flower beds pretty well.

May 14, 2008

DI Observations

The DI uses an interesting system for organizing their books. Most bookstores and libraries go with fiction/non-fiction, category, then author. The DI keeps it simple. Paperbacks, paperbacks large, hardcovers. I think the guy organizing these must have been too upset about customers stealing things he should have gotten first to think clearly. (see below post)

Mother's Day

I made this lovely cake for my mom for mother's day. I know, I should quit my day job. Anyway, then we took two pictures together and after the second we noticed that all of the icing was slopping down to the bottom. It was pretty funny. You can see the difference between the icing positioning in the first and second pics, especially if you watch how mother's really starts to slant off to the right and day pretty much disappears. Luckily, I was able to slop it back into place.

DI Gem

Check out this sweet chair we scored at the DI! The blue pad is in superb shape, looks like it hasn't even been used. Sadie has been sleeping in it at night since we got it. We went to the DI in Tim's mustang and we had to put the top down and affix the chair to the car with twine. The man who came out to do it was really jealous of our chair. He kept mentioning how the wicker base would never withstand dogs and how we should just take the pad and leave the chair... for him. He said he has a pad but needs a wicker base. Hint, hint. Well, you snooze you lose!!

Style at a High Cost

Went to Nordstrom Rack and Tim saw couldn't resist trying on this shoe. He was deeply saddened when he saw the price was $180. But, you can't have this kind of fashion for less, can you?

May 10, 2008

Tess is Cheap

Every year our neighborhood does a street cleanup where you can put all of your junk out and the city takes it away. Last year, I spotted a picnic table across the street and knew instantly that I had to have it. Tim refused to just march across the street and take the neighbor's trash in daylight though. He thought it was embarrassing to be stealing junk and it made us look low class or something ridiculous like that. So, we turned it into a covert op. We waited till dark and then made a run for it. Now we have it on our deck, but we could only find one lawn chair in the garage for it. We're going to see if we can find some others at the DI today. So, I guess I better quit screwing around with the blog for now. = )

Silly Children!

Tim has been watching the jazz playoffs, and I knew that he was pretty into them. But, I didn't realize our cat, Zeus, had developed an interest as well. Last night Zeus and Tim watched toegether, father son bonding and all I guess.
This one of Howard is what he does every morning to wake us up. He is just so excited that he can't wait around till you get out of bed. For months he was limited to this, because although he is a 65 pound lab, he could not figure out how to make the 3 foot jump onto the bed. Lately though, he has figured it out and so he often flings himself joyously onto the bed now.

May 7, 2008


Got a couple of cute puppy pics (whats new, but the blog hasn't been subjected to my puppy obsession yet, so I figure I'm allowed). Howard is always looking at people sideways like this, like, "Umm.. is this okay? I'm trying to be good." Speaking of NOT being good, he got ahold of my glasses.. again.. now there are a few more bite marks in the lenses and he took out some of the remaining intact earpiece. Sadie knew she was getting her pic taken and was pretty happy about posing for this one.

BBQ With the Fam

Sunday we went to a bbq at Tim's sister Angie's house. It was a nice warm day and we had a good time. There was a treasure hunt for the kids and Tim and I drew the map for it and then Tim made several poems to make it a scavenger hunt with this map being the last clue. He got pretty into it, and it was funny to see the kids running frantically for the next clue. It was very exciting. Our nephew Zander really wanted to help dig the hole = ).

May 2, 2008

Spring Blooming

The weeping cherry tree that we got last year is blooming! We got it after it bloomed last year, so we've been waiting a whole year for this. VERY exciting.

Kitchen Progress

We have been remodeling our kitchen for roughly 5 years now judging by how long it feels and about 6 months in reality. Actually, Tim has done most of it and I help with important things like sanding. It has been interesting trying to combine our styles, mine being cheap, and Tim's being nice looking. Also I like the cozy feel whereas Tim likes the industrial look. He likes styles that would make the kitchen look like some sort of warehouse, his dream is to have metal cabinets and cement counters. But, surprisingly, we have come up with a style that we are both really happy with, at a pretty decent cost. It wasn't nearly as cheap as I was hoping though and Tim would manipulate me by doing things like this: we had to rip out our old counter tops to install the cement counter top and after ripping out the old Tim called me and said, "Hello Darling, the cabinets underneath are starting to fall apart and won't support the new counter, we can either add supports to make them work, or build new counters. Which do you want to do?" And I of course would say that I wanted to make the old ones work. So, then Tim would say, "Wellllll.... we really can't do that, they are just too old. So, what do you want to do?" (this cycle repeated a few times before he admitted that I actually had no choice at all) He did essentially the same thing when asking me if I wanted to use our old sink, or get a new one. He really honed his manipulative skills during this project. Anyway, we have the new cabinets in now, the counter is done, and the walls have been remudded to perfection. This weekend we have to paint. Then Tim still has to build a few more cabinet doors and shelves. Also, Tim scoffs at me when I suggest leaving the floor the way it is, apparently it doesn't match and we need to sand it down and restain it a darker color to achieve contrast. But, that is at least a few weeks out. Then we have to tackle the yard,which Tim destroyed while building our second garage so now we have only a few sparse patches of surviving lawn. So, I sure have a lot to blog about in the future!!


We went to the Aquarium Wednesday partly to celebrate our second Vegas anniversary. It is a preview exhibit and the plans they have for the finished product are really cool including a large rotating globe with the surface showing real time satellite images. They had an octopus which was probably our favorite thing to see. The pictures don't show it very well. We found out that Octopuses only have a lifespan of about 5 years, which I was surprised by. They also had some seahorses, which I thought were adorable. And we were able to pet some sting rays (without stingers). They were soft and velvety except for the hard spines on their backs.
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