Jan 23, 2014

Moving the Blog

I'm going to try out Wordpress. The desire doesn't arise too often, but sometimes I want to post password protected posts without having to make the whole blog private. Wordpress allows that, so I'm going to give it a try. The new URL is www.tessothy.wordpress.com. I'm about to post something there, so let me know if there's a problem.

Jan 12, 2014


Kins: Mama, can you make the sun and moon come up?
me: Nope, we just have to wait for the sun to come up in the morning.
Kins: Well... you could make them come up if you had the right ingredients.
Me: What ingredients would I need to do that?
Kins: Flour and eggs!

A few minutes later she randomly said, "When I get to be a mama, I'll live in a different place?" That brain of hers, it's really working hard to figure out the world.

Big mac is getting very polite, remembering to say please most of the time when he wants something and saying the sweetest, "thank you, Mama" s when I give him something he wants.

Jan 7, 2014


We celebrated Christmas this year with just my parents. It was low key, just the way I like holidays. We had a turkey dinner that was delicious. The kids got a chance to play with all their new toys with the grandparents. The adults got plenty of conversation time and walks in.

Big Mac got mostly vehicles. Which has been fine by him. He got a dog that projects stars too, which he seems to like at bedtime.
 Big Mac admiring his new bull dozer. Kins frantically applying a chap stick from her set of Lip Smackers she got from Grandma. Kins has had a thing for chap stick ever since she was smaller than Big Mac.
 Big Mac enjoying his stocking stuffer. He kept going back to this and working on it until it was all gone.
 We got Kins a science experiment kit. She seems to like it, but I was disappointed. I mean, the kit featured a color changing volcano right on the cover, showing it large and super cool. In reality, this tiny little mound is the volcano. It's made out of baking soda and flour, it isn't as if they couldn't have quite cheaply provided enough materials for it to be a bit more impressive in size.

 Big Mac is always taking off his clothes these days. I have to put t shirts on over his pajamas to thwart him. Forgot this day. He's enjoying his trucks as well as his chocolate here.
 Papa got a new book! Yay!

Jan 4, 2014

PIctures and random

 I signed Kins up for more dance classes. She did well in her trial class, actually following along with what she was supposed to do. Her she is with her class.
 Big Mac didn't like not being able to go into the dance room with the class. He watched intently. When they changed rooms he put on Kin's dance slippers and copied one of the moves he'd been observing.
Big Mac is finally letting us read to him without turning the pages way to quickly.

 Our unplowed road. It's now turned into pure ice.
 Big Mac refused to nap for 4 or 5 days. It was really rough on both of us. I knew he still needed it, so I made him stay in his crib for the usual couple of hours. There was a lot of screaming over that 4-5 days. Then, like magic, he suddenly started napping again. Same thing happened with Kins at almost the exact same age. He loves his crib again and asks to get in at bed time and nap time. I'm so glad all the screaming is over. Here he is super cuddly and clingy because he was exhausted after a day with no nap.
We decided we aren't going to tell our kids that Santa is real. We never said he wasn't, and Kins never asked this year. I read her books about Santa, she sees him on cartoons, in pictures, all over. I just never addressed if he was real or not. Laura one day asked her directly if he was real. There was no hesitation and she answered as if it was obvious, "Noooo!" Laura asked her about a few other things, cartoon characters, mermaids, unicorns. She was a little stumped on unicorns, which makes sense, but ultimately she decided they were pretend. I left the Santa thing at that. An adult recently asked her what Santa brought her for Christmas, and she said in a slightly condescending tone, "Santa isn't real. He's just pretend." Hmm. I do need to explain to her not to tell kids this so she doesn't ruin it for them next year. I think in some ways the santa story is cute, but it bothers me that they're supposed to think he's watching them at all times and judging them. It seems healthiest to me that she think her parents and loved ones thought about what she might like and spent their money on her, than for her to think some random dude did.

I have noticed Big Mac putting two words together often these days. He has put together words for awhile that are repeated often like night night Kins. But, putting words together that aren't taught to him as basically one word is more new. Like saying, "more cheese."

Dec 30, 2013

Kins is 4

My favorite things about Kins this year:

1. The cuddles. She loves to cuddle. I asked her if she's going to still cuddle with me when she's 20 and she said yes. I'm going to show her this as proof and demand those cuddles.
2. That I can explain just about anything to her and she listens so intently.
3. That she can be reasoned with easily.
4. That she's starting to understand well how to stay safe.
5. Her drawings.
6. That even though I still have to bribe her to eat, she actually does it, and we never have any stress over it anymore.

Kins has packed on about 5 pounds in the past year. She is very close to making it to 30 pounds. That puts her at about 10th percentile for weight. She is 37" tall, so about 7th percentile for height. She is showing the most interest in food that she ever has. Which is to say, she might possibly not starve to death if I did not bribe her to eat. She would certainly lose weight, but she might survive. It's the most I've ever been able to say, I'm pretty pleased.

She usually doesn't nap these days, although she seems to need to. She will fall asleep during afternoon stroller rides or else I'll catch her trying to nap at 5 pm or so, late enough that she's up late if she is able to get in a nap. She falls asleep by 8:30 ish if she doesn't nap. When she napped regularly she'd sometimes be up until 10, so I guess she's just in a weird phase where she allllmost doesn't need one at all. Sometimes I have her spend an hour or so of quiet time in her room, and she is good about playing quietly, occasionally sleeping.

She is pretty easy to reason with these days. Having to leave somewhere she's enjoying or stop playing with a toy, if you can explain to her why it needs to happen, she will be ok with it. If she starts throwing a fit at home, I just tell her she's welcome to scream and cry, but she's gonna have to do it in her room because it's too loud. That usually dries the tears right up. Occasionally, (usually in late afternoon when she really should've napped) she can't get it together and I'll have to actually follow through and take her to her room. When that happens she either wants to stay in there awhile and have some alone time, or else she calms down fast and she'll call down, "Okay, I'm all done throwing my fit!". 

Here's a  quiz that I filled out for her in her 3 year old blog, thought I'd see how the answers have changed.

1. What's the first thing you like to do in the morning after you wake up? "Read." My answer would be do a project. She likes to get up in her high chair away from Big Mac and color, paint, draw, things like that.
2. What's your favorite book? "That book that I wanted you to read me." (Calvin and Hobbes... she has not read Calvin and Hobbes for a year at least...)
3. What is your favorite color? Gray
4. What is your favorite toy? "Um... that one" Looking at one of Big Mac's toys that she doesn't use.  In reality, I'd say art supplies.
5. What is your favorite food?  "Orange." (On this one she and I agree)
6. What is your favorite TV show?  "Dora" She doesn't like watching Dora usually. She doesn't seem to have a favorite right now, something different each time.
7. What is your favorite game? Hide and seek
8. What is your favorite animal?  "Giraffe" (I don't usually notice this being true, but it's funny that this was her answer last year.)
9. What is your favorite song? "Frosty the Snowman... but, (sadly) I can't sing the words right. See? Frosty the snowman, gully golly gummm. See? You just heard me sing it wrong, so that means I can't do it."
10. Who is your best friend?  Big Mac (awwww)
11. What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Bubbles.
12. What is your favorite drink? Pediasure (same answer as last year.)
13. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? "A big truck." I told her I've never seen her do this and asked her what she really likes to take to bed at night. She says, "A big, big, big GIANT truck!" She laughs. This is hilarious.
14. What do you want to be when you grow up? How are you going to make dollars? "I'm going to press buttons," she says. I asked her what kind of buttons. "Laptop buttons." Well, this is possible.
15. What is one special thing about you? "Having activity books." Then, she adds, "Standing in wagons is my favorite way to get hurt."
16. How old are you? "Four."
17. What do Mommy and Daddy do after you go to bed? "Go to bed." Sadly, pretty accurate.
18. What do you like best about Max? "Being naughty. That makes me laugh."

An example of a drawing she did. She wanted to see a picture of a mermaid so she could draw one.
 Dressed up for her dance class's holiday party. It ended up snowing so much it was cancelled. She took it pretty well, but then she did get to open a present early to make up for it.
 Being sweet with little brother.
 Posing with Papa after painting both of their nails.
 Taking tips for me on how to smoulder.

 Dress up at Bear's house.
 I thought it was neat that she thought to draw a thought bubble for Eva (Wall-e character). Eva was thinking about something here but I've forgotten what.

 A birthday date with Mama. Her first movie theater movie since Big Mac was very tiny.

Dec 14, 2013

Kins' Art

She's gotten a lot better at drawing recently. Thought I'd slam you with some 4 year old art. Some of the pics need to be bigger to see the labels, you can right click and choose open in a new tab to see them better.

I do know know who Priscilla is btw.

This guy  has seven arms and three legs. She laughed about how silly that was as she told me. He is flying a kite.
Tim's shirt. Notice poor pentagon doesn't fit in. Kins thought this was upsetting and she wanted to draw a picture where he had a spot. The next morning Tim helped her draw a new picture. He said he helped her with the pentagon shape and the triangle, but she did all the rest.

Dec 8, 2013


Decorating the tree has been a popular activity around here. They like to remove and put the ornaments and tinsel on again over and over. Many of our plastic ornaments have had the hanging hooks ripped off. We have very few left. The bottom half of tree is looking a little sparse.
Ta da! She did all the tinsel and ornaments herself.

Giving Zeus a check up.
 He was stoic about his check up. He definitely wasn't thrilled, but he didn't leave either.
Feeding the baby. Neither of them actually used bottles more than a couple times, so it's nice that they're being used for something.
I guess Tim needed safety glasses in case the floor ripped apart from high speeds.
Big Mac likes this show on Netflix called Mighty Machines. Big mechanical items drive around and the narrator discusses what they're doing. It's pretty dry for a kid, but he really enjoys it.

Ah, the days before the snow fell. Those were the days. They're checking out the scarecrow. We almost always have to check out the scarecrow on walks.
 She got to have a big owl costume put on her during a class at the Children's Museum. She was thrilled.
 Big Mac's favorite book. Goodnight, goodnight, construction site. He knows the names of the different vehicles in the book and loves to point at them and identify them. He won't listen to the actual story though.
 Sometimes, Big Mac will watch cartoons along with Kins. They'll compete to see who gets to sit in my lap. So cute.
 I got him a set of 5 construction vehicles, featured in his Goodnight, Goodnight construction book for the airplane ride to Georgia. I presented them to him when I wanted him to sit down to be buckled in for take off, and they were a pretty good hit, as you can see. He's pointing at the dump truck here and identifying it loudly.
 Kins not looking forward to the kiss Big Mac is attempting to lay on her.
 Getting some good cuddles from Daddy.

 Kins' drawing of Casper.
 Big Mac was being super cuddly this day. Kins took this picture.
 She is getting good at focusing during library story time.
 Painting Big Mac's nails. He is holding on tight to his truck to counteract the girly factor.

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